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Why you have to start educating your child from young?

Why is it important for your child to have the right mindset from young?
Why is it imperative for us to really pay much care and attention during the early growing up phase of a child ?

This is because; a large number of our notions and conclusions about the world were formulated and entrenched within our subconscious mind when we were in our tender years.

Why you have to start educating your child from young

Why you have to start educating your child from young

Think about it, hypothesize a fictitious character, Peter who at his kinder garden class, attempted public speaking for the 1st time. As with all 1st –timers, he was overwhelmed with nervousness and he stumbled slightly on a few words. Although, his fear was conspicuous with the regular pause-fillers punctuating his speech and his stone-like body language, his performance was pretty commendable for a maiden attempt at public speaking. In fact, he ought to be saluted for his courageous endeavor that no one else dared to take on. However, he was self-conscious and constantly edgy about his own performance. The fact that his audiences were least sensitive to his feelings did nothing to help. No one walked up to him to shake his hands and congratulate him at his act of bravery, not even his teacher. To make it worse, peter even heard mild giggles at the background. Upon conclusion of his 1st ever speech, he felt devastated and totally humiliated. He vowed not to give it a second try.

This notion accompanied him till adulthood and he could never put up a decent presentation for his entire life. It was not a result of his incapability or that he has a chronic speaking deficiency. He has none of this. The only thing that is holding him back from being the best of himself is his own mental blockade. His delicate childhood has created an irrational basis for him to limit himself from speaking publicly with confidence. Deeply rooted in his subconscious mind, he firmly believes that he will screw up his presentation and so he did, with his own self-fulfilling prophecy in play.

The above example is a common phenomenon we observe all too often in our everyday working lives, but we do not pay much attention to it, or the implication of it. The same pattern actually happens in other areas of our lives, such as in the attempt of academic subjects such as “Math”. Throughout our experience dealing with kids, we found that many of them have grown to develop a phobia in mathematics even when they are as young as 10 years old. In their malleable mind, math is just like a ferocious monster that is threatening to gobble them up. They are ingrained with the notion of “Math makes me mad” , resulting in the self-imposed inability to solve mathematical problems, or the lack of willingness to even try to understand the math syllabus. This is because, our kids are an impressionable and receptive lot who are very vulnerable to suggestions and influences by the outside world. Once they learn from their friends that math is an insurmountable topic, they start to believe that this is the truth and it , in turn becomes their reality. Hence, they fail to give their best in the subject, which again fulfills their prophecy of their own mathematical inability. This results in a vicious cycle that perpetuates itself till adulthood, leading to an irreversible mentality that will not serve them well in their career.

That is why we always encourage parents to address the issue even before it happens. This can be done by asking the following questions: What is the message he is receiving from the external environment pertaining to this matter. Does he feel intimidated by maths just like how Peter does about public speaking?  Are you communicating the right idea to him ?

We believe that all students have equal talent, its only a matter of what they believe and what they do not. How can we bring your child to believe that he has the ability to succeed in maths. And deeply seated notions are so adhesive that it is also impossible to weed them out once you reach adolescence , unless with the help of professional psychologists and hypnotherapists.

On the other hand, if you expose your kid to the right idea and environment, he will grow to develop a positive mentality and believes that he can achieve whatever he sets his mind on. So ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to be very careful with what you give, what you tell and what you show your kid at his formative years because it may have a snowball-ed bearing on him. Do what is right for your child, send him for the right apprenticeship and he will be ever grateful to you when he is a grown-up. The earlier you start, the better it is.

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