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Why does a student need tuition?

Nothing is perfect

As Singapore progresses into the next era, much emphasis has been placed on education to provide the population with the knowledge foundation for higher tier industries. As such, Singapore boasts an excellent education system, managed by the Ministry of Education (MOE). The MOE has succeeded in creating a framework to a holistic education for its citizen. However, there are no perfect systems. Many people fall through this flawed system, particularly individuals with a slower learning curve. In this case, tuition would be an aide to academic excellence. In the case of Singapore, tuition has become a common sight and most parents and even students choose to employ the help of private tutors.

Everyone is different

The main problem with government schools is that it has to cater to the diverse array of students who are enrolled in it such that the learning abilities of all students differ greatly and might not be taken care of. The MOE has tried to formulate syllabuses which would enable schools to effectively teach foundational knowledge prior to the more complex concepts. The curriculums are even reviewed continually to keep it up to date. However, there is seldom a “one size fit all” system when it comes to quality education. Schools, particularly neighbourhood schools, usually see an enrolment of students with varying academic scores and capabilities. Typical secondary schools also have a large class size ranging from 30 to 45 students (with majority only containing 40 students). This requires tweaking of the teaching methods or even the curriculum to best fit the learning curves of the students. Having a rigid syllabus to keep to results in teachers being unable to fully facilitate lessons. As such, lessons might cater to both the fast and slow learners within the class. In such a case, having a customised tuition plan that tailor fit a child’s learning curve could enable students to enjoy learning in at a comfortable pace and thus provide a stronger foundation to proceed to more intricate and challenging concepts.

Efficient use of time

In addition, slower learners might face difficulties in grasping concepts put forth by the teacher in class and require much revision to self learning these topics. Self learning subjects could be a monumental and time consuming task as common textbooks often offer complicated explanations that might stump and confuse students further. Furthermore, they might not be able to afford such extra time as curriculum activities are very hectic and most students will have to sacrifice their sleep or weekends to review the lessons learnt. Hence, having a tuition teacher to make clear certain concepts might be able to help the student grasp the concepts better and more efficiently. The teacher can also step in to supervise the student during revision and continually check his understanding to make sure he/she is on the right track.

Safe Environment

Lastly, many questions go unasked or unanswered in the classroom. In the Asian context, many students are shy to raise questions in class in fear of being mocked by their peers, thus they shun away from their teacher’s attention and avoid class participation. This prevents students from building strong foundational knowledge and becomes increasingly perplexing for the student especially if he/she goes on to attempt to understand more complicated concepts. Having a smaller class size, such as small class tuition or private tutors, provide an avenue for these students to clarify their doubts and understand important theories. Furthermore, many school teachers have multiple classes to attend to. This results in the teacher’s attention being thinned and spread out amongst all the hundreds of students that the teacher teaches. The teacher might not be able to conduct remedial or extra lessons to aid the student in grasping taught concepts. Thus, having tuition enables the student to get the full attention span of the tutor given that class size is smaller. This would allow students opportunity to discuss the concepts with the tutor and deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

In conclusion, having tuition allows the student access to a more personalized education plan to enable them to effectively obtain and widen their foundational knowledge. It also allows students to proceed to study further without doubts and expand their minds. There are many types of tutors who are available and the rate that they command generally depends pretty much on their experience.

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