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What to take note of in the tuition journey


Parents as monitors

It is generally a misconception that the quality of tuition depends only on the quality of the tutor and the attitude of the student. Many people seem to miss

What to take note of in the tuition journey

What to take note of in the tuition journey

one important player: the parents. Parents are more than people who pay money. They can actually actively participate in the tuition process, though in a different, less intrusive way. As tuition goes on, it is important that parents monitor the process and manage the expectation from both sides. In fact, the role of monitoring and calibrating can be best done by parents who are in a ‘neutral’ position of observing the tuition and giving objective feedback.

Money matters

The first issue parents have to deal with is payment. It should be understood that payments of the first two weeks will go to the tuition agency if parents get the tutor through the tuition agency. The following payment arrangement depends on the preference of the parents and the tutor. The common practice is to pay for a few sessions together, especially when the total amount is a nice number such as one hundred that makes payment convenient. It is also important that parents stick to the payment arrangement. We know of tutors who plan their monthly expenditure with the payment schedule in mind. If parents do not pay according to the schedule, it may disrupt the financial planning of the tutors. The spirit of cooperation will also be affected as a result. Hence parents should not take payment schedule lightly thinking that as long as they pay off the total amount, timing of payment is not important.

Change of tuition schedule

Moreover, changing tuition timing and date is also an issue that parents need to be mindful of. The parents or the child may have to commit to something else during the scheduled time and are therefore not able to accommodate the original plan for tuition. When that happens, it is important that parents communicate the change as early as possible. Giving a phone call will be ideal. If the phone call does not get through, leave a message so that the tutor will be informed. It would be advisable to inform the change at least one day in advance, so that the tutor can plan his or her next day without the tuition commitment in mind. In the event that parents have to change the schedule a few hours before the tuition starts, it is appreciated that parents can inform the tutor as soon as possible. After informing the change of lessons, parents can arrange with the tutor for a possible make-up date. This compensates the loss of learning opportunities for your child.

When parents want to engage a tutor on a long term basis, they are advised to plan the schedule in advance. If parents foresee that intensive tuition is needed prior to an exam period, they may want to book the tutor well ahead of the examinations. Some tutors are very popular and have multiple commitments. Hence planning and informing them in advance can ensure that your child will not miss the much needed opportunity for learning. On the other hand, when parents foresee a period where little tuition will be needed, such as during the holidays or when the family goes for an overseas trip, it is also a good idea to inform the tutor in advance so that the tutor will bear the change of schedule in mind and adjust his areas of commitments during that period of time.

Review the progress

One last important thing parents should do is to review the results of the child and how much progress he or she has made. It is advisable to keep track of the test scores so that the tutor knows how the student is doing. It is also a constant motivation for the tutor to improve teaching. Usually at the start of the tuition journey, parents would have set a goal with the tutor. It is good to constantly review the current situation of the student in light of the goal,so as to get an idea of how far the student is away from reaching the goal. In case that student is stagnating despite regular tuition, parents should intervene and discuss with tutor possible alternative teaching methods to enhance the effectiveness. The point of having tuition is not to have tuition in the long run. Persistent reliance on tuition is not something we stand for.

Parents are the monitors of the tuition process. They are the ones who keep an objective eye on the tuition to make sure it does not go off the track. They are the ‘invisible hands’ to direct the tuition and how it runs. With the few tips above, we wish the tuition journey of your child goes on well!


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