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What to do when tuition begins

How to make the first step: things to do when tuition starts

Applying for tuition for your child is not as simple as buying a textbook from the bookstore. It involves people. At the very least, it involves the tutor that

What to do when tuition begins

What to do when tuition begins

you agree to take. That person will come to your house regularly and his or her delivery of service is critical to child’s academic performance. Hence it is important to deal with the tutor properly so that both sides will have a satisfying and smooth tuition experience. This article is going to advise you on how to manage a new tutor at the beginning of a tuition journey.

Before you meet

Before or right after you accept a particular tutor, you need to communicate your child’s situation to the tutor. It is a time to be honest. If you think honesty may hurt the feeling of your child, you can always give a phone call to the prospective tutor. Explain what your child is struggling with and emphasize particular problem that needs particular attention. You can also seek the tutor’s opinion on how to deal with the problem. Moreover, you should set goals of some sort with the tutor. How strict you want to set the goal depends on the specifics of the circumstances and the dynamics between the two sides. Some tutors are more comfortable with setting quantifiable goals, such as what grade the student should improve to by the next exam. However, some are not comfortable with making such promises first. Please be aware that whether they make such concrete promises or not has not correlation with their teaching ability. It has more to do with personality: some tutors are more cautious in what they say but they always make sure they deliver the results. But you need to communicate your mutual expectations right from the start. If not for anything else, doing that shows you take the tuition seriously and your tutor will be motivated by your attitude to deliver greater results.

The very first day of tuition

Now comes the first day of the tuition. You have definitely provided the address and contact number, but still expect some delay as the tutor is not a postman with the gift of locating a house. When the tutor has arrived, make sure that he or she finds it comfortable as we naturally are reserved when going into someone’s house for the first time. Show your tutor the study room and toilet (you would spare him or her the awkwardness from asking about the toilet). Other than familiarizing the tutor with the environment, it is also the right time to set some ground rules. For example, do you need the tutor to wear slippers in the house? In case of an emergency that either side needs to cancel the tuition, how should the communication be done? People are more open to rule setting when they start cooperating initially, hence take that opportunity to voice out your expectation or special request and reach a common understanding from the start.

Seek feedback

Lastly the tutor and your child will enter the study room to begin their work. Depending on the maturity of your child, you may need to decide if you want to go through the first lesson with them so as to manage the lesson and provide feedback to the tutor. But most of times, that is not necessary. You may have told your child that he or she needs to actively ask questions and take ownership of the lessons. So on the day itself, leave the session to both of them. Ask your child to hand over a drink to the tutor. Giving a drink is a good gesture that can effectively build rapport. During the tuition, do not attempt to go into the room unless it is necessary, as that may appear that you lack confidence in the tutor or your child. After the session when the tutor has left, ask your child for feedback on the teaching of the tutor. In a separate time, call the tutor for feedback as well. With input from two sides, you will have a more balanced view of how the session goes and you may want to give constructive advice to both sides on how to enhance the effectiveness of learning.

As you can see, a parent is mostly a facilitator or an intermediary of a tuition experience. It connects the tutor and the child and makes sure everything else other than the learning and teaching has been taken care of. It is by no means an unimportant job. Your seriousness and dedication to tuition will have a positive impact on your child and the tutor.  Mind the details and your effort will pay off!

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