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Top 3 Primary Schools in Singapore

Top 3 Primary Schools in Singapore

Top 3 Primary Schools in Singapore

We previously compiled a list of the top 10 primary schools in Singapore based on criteria that is publicly available such as the MOE awards each Primary School has been awarded.  Using this method, and using research compiled and released by Edupoll, a list of top schools begins to emerge. Heading up the top three are: Nanyang Primary School, Rosyth School, and Henry Park Primary School. Here we take a closer look at what each school offers and what differentiates them from the crowd.

Nanyang Primary School

Nanyang Primary School stands out as the leader amongst primary schools. With an elite five-star rating in measurable components such as value, service, quality, and satisfaction the Nanyang Family of schools is difficult, if not impossible, for other Singapore primary schools to compete with. While Nanyang is not run by the government, it does receive government aid. Nanyang is by far the best co-educational primary school in all of Singapore. With a vision of raising eminent leaders who excel in academics, performance, and character, Nanyang is pioneering the educational process in Singapore. The school was founded in 1917 and the school’s campus partners contains an all girl’s high school as well as Nanyang Kindergarten. The Nanyang culture believes in growing and educating children who can compete globally, behave ethically, and excel socially. The school is known for its active parent involvement and strives to nurture the interests and talents of its students for their greatest chance at success. The 2012 PSLE scores for Nanyang Primary School came in at 285, clearly making them a leader by producing the highest scores in the country. By using creative education the school is able to inspire students to achieve top honors in all areas of academics. Examples of creative education are a Bread Puzzle and Water Bottle exhibit to encourage mathematical concepts. In the area of English Language the Show and Tell and Poetry Recitation sessions hone a student’s confidence, presentation, and communication skills. Nanyang Primary School is poised to continue to be a leader in education here in Singapore. The school is known for being popular amongst the political and business executives in the nation.

Rosyth School

While Rosyth School came in at 278 in the 2012 PSLE scores, there are other prestigious criteria that make Rosyth the 2nd choice for top primary school in Singapore. Some primary schools run a Gifted Education Program (GEP) that helps to stream the top 1% of children from these schools at P3 levels into the GEP from P4 through P6. It probably goes without saying that the GEP is a more demanding curriculum in terms of academics and thus parents can opt out of the program and the test that is given at P3 to assess placement. Rosyth School is a unique educational environment with a mission to develop the mind, body, and soul of its students in an effort maximize their potential. Founded in 1956 the school has been an early pioneer of the GEP, thus having developed a strong placement in the foundation of their gifted program. The values focus on integrity, spirit, respect, responsibility, caring, and above all excellence in every action. With a growing student population currently at just shy of 2400 students, Rosyth is positioned well to be the school for tomorrow, today, which just happens to be their motto.

Henry Park Primary School

At Henry Park Primary School, the vision is that every child is a leader with strength of character and talents that should be nurtured through a distinctive education in learning and character development. Henry Park students scored 277 in the 2012 PSLE rankings. Henry Park also has a robust GEP offering, as with the other two schools listed above. At Henry Park you will find 2 GEP classes in each grade P4 to P6, similar to Rosyth School. Founded in 1977, the school has achieved accolades year after year in areas such as the Best Practice Award for Teaching and Learning, as well as a a Gymnastics School of Excellence Award. Most recently the school received an MOE School Distinction Award as well as Sustained Achievement Awards in Sports, Aesthetics, and Physical Fitness. Henry Park is a leader in educating the leaders of tomorrow.

With a full 40% of students taking the PSLE not able to land their first-choice secondary school, having a few possible schools on the list is the best idea for success. As the saying goes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, make a list of your top three schools and then aggressively pursue application at all of them. Only with this method can you and your student be assured that the selection process includes a school that is on your own list, and not just a school that you end up settling for because you had tunnel-vision on one school only. The statistics speak for themselves, preparation is the key to success.

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