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Here’s what others are saying:

… Ms Foo has been teaching my child Maths and Science since Primary 5, she’s now in Secondary 2. Ms Foo is enthusiastic and optimistic in her teaching, as well as being an encouraging influence to those around them. My daughter Rachael adores her & looks forward to her lessons. She’s a role model in perseverance and Rachael has become more able to take setbacks…

– Mrs Lee, mum of 2, Punggol, homemaker

… Mrs Chang, your tuition coordinator, amazes me with her efficiency in her search for my son’s tutor. He’s several tutors before and none as equipped as Mr Lee, retired ex-school teacher in Integrated Program, to teach my son Grade 8 Maths. Ryan’s grades improved under Mr Lee’s coaching in a span of 3 months, he’s more confident in his Maths & appreciates the subject better, the rapport Ryan shares with Mr Lee is astounding…

– Mdm Wong, mum of 4 teenage boys, IT manager

… Elenanor is a God-sent, after my child failed his Maths since Primary 2. Lukasz does not hid his dislike for the subject & grudging agrees to tuition. After 1st lesson with Elenanor, Luksaz likes her and has been putting in effort to do his homework. He finds his tutor’s way of explaining very down-to-earth & fun. He enjoys learning in a fun environment, and he’s been passing Maths after 3 months with Elenanor, I am glad I sough help for a tutor who can relate to Luksaz & guide him in his academic performance…

– Mrs Ching, mum of twins, lawyer

… good tutors are hard to findat affordable fees. My grandson’s tutor is Mdm Aisah, & she is a current school teacher. Under her guidance, my grandson is now a Band 1 student for 3 consective years. Mdm Aisah’s teaching is simple to understand and easy for my daughter to replicate at home. With the discipline in practice, my grandson’s grades in English/Maths/Science climb steadily… My daughter is happy that I’ve helped her find a dedicated tutor like Mdm Aisah…

– Jennifer, grandmother, retiree

… I was desparate in March this year, after discovering that my Primary 6 child has borderline marks for her Maths & Science. I found a tutor Mr Guan, through your coordinator. Mr Guan has 16 years of tutoring experience focusing on PSLE students. By SA1 my daughter’s grades moved into Band 2, by SA2 she was in Band 1. Her PSLE results enabled her to enter St Nicholas Girls’ & the rest is history… Mr Guan continues to teach my other child who is going through PSLE next year. I am confident that with Mr Guan’s passion in teaching & dedication to his students, many can benefit from his guidance…

– Mrs Chen, mother of 2, accountant

… My child is diligent and committed to his studies. However, his grades floundered. We were puzzled for a long time. It’s our tutor Mrs Chan who highlighted that my child has performance anxiety. With Mrs Chan’s counseling & patience, my child was assigned mock tests to prepare himself psychologically before school tests and exams. Mrs Chan is a god-sent, she teaches my child Maths. With her help, my child has built up his maths skills progressively and confidently. With the mock tests and pop quizzes Mrs Chan handed out, my child is now able to cope with school tests and exams. He stills has exam phobia and anxiety, however, as his confidence in the subject soars, his performance anxiety has decreased… We are truly appreciative to Mrs Chan, for her keen observations and quick actions, to help my child overcome this learning challenge…

– Mrs Boey, mum of 3, Sembawang, secretary

… Joshua is unique in his learning style, I would say he’s visual and kinesthetic.He loves fixing models since a tender year. Our tutor Winson shares the same passion as Joshua. He understands Joshua’s unique learning style… Winson’s teaching style is adjusted to fit my child’s personality and learning style. With a tutor who is flexible and willing to adjust, Joshua improves by being himself. We are grateful to Winson for putting the interests & personality of his student as top priority & tailor his teaching method to suit…

– Mrs Fong, single parent, Bukit Timah, administrative manager

… When Chester’s tutor Dawn suggested that texting be included in his homework, I was somewhat skeptical. Dawn explained that she has read about how texting can increase literacy and improves spelling. Chester usually fails his spelling & his composition is full of spelling errors. I am glad that Chester declared that texting is his favorite subject. Of course, his reading skill and spelling tests improves leaps and bounds. Dawn is truly amazing, she keeps abreast of research and workable solutions to help children in overcoming learning challenges and readily shares with parents like myself…

– Mdm Ding, mother of two, Tampines, financial analyst

…Mr Williams boosts my son’s self-esteem with these simple steps, and I am eternally thankful. Despite going through many tutors since Year 2010, I am thankful that Mr William came along. He took time to listen to my boy, was generous with praises for him, sets realistic expectations on Charles’s performance and focuses on his strengths. These simple steps paid off handsomely. My son Charles has lear to accept and value himself unconditionally, this change has translated into his academic performance… his grades are now in Band 1, thanks to tutor Mr Williams…

– Mrs Chandra, mother of four, Holland, business owner

…What can I say about Abigail’s Chinese tutor, Mdm Tie ? A soft-spoken lady, with a robust mind. Mdm Tie taught Abigail the quote written by Virgil: They Can Because They Think They Can.” With this new maxim, Mdm Tie and Abigail set to work on building up my child’s literacy and competency in the Mother Tongue. Abigail was educated in Australia. When we returned to Singapore for her Primary 2, we realized that Abigail’s Chinese standard was only at K2. Mdm Tie worked hard with Abigail and together they made things happen. Abigail got an A for her Primary 3 and Mdm Tie was ecstatic…Thank you Mdm Tie, we’ll remember that you are the role-model for our child to learn positive thinking and perseverance…

– Lisa, mother of two, Simei, personal trainer




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