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Tasks and Responsibilities of Tutors

If you are exploring a career in tutoring, there are many things to be aware of before embarking down this journey. One of these is all of the various tasks and responsibilities that a tutor has, in addition to just helping a student learn subject material. A tutor is charged with both the supervision and guidance of the student’s completion of their homework. Additionally, a well-sought after tuition provider will be able to instruct a student using a variety of teaching methods to help the student learn and absorb more of the material. Frequently it will be required to assist your students with preparation for upcoming exams. And lastly, it is often an expectation by the parents that the tutor is able to motivate the student to enjoy learning. All of this is a tough bill to fill properly.

To properly supervise and guide a student through effective completion of their homework, a tutor may sometimes feel like a glorified babysitter. This is of course usually only the case with a student who has behavioral problems or in the beginning of a student / tutor relationship. It takes time to build the trust and respect of your student, not to mention of the parents. But with time you will be able to impart a healthy understanding with your student that you are not going to budge. Temper tantrums and otherwise won’t get the child out of finishing their schoolwork. Because, after all, it is part of your job to ensure that they complete their homework in a timely manner. In the best-case scenario, you will need to be an advocate to assist your student with how to complete their homework. Especially in cases where they didn’t completely absorb the teacher’s instructions during school hours. This means you will need to be well-versed in the subjects that you are responsible for tutoring.

To become a highly sought after tutor in your area, you will want to familiarize yourself with the different techniques that can be used for teaching any particular subject. This diversity will give you the competitive advantage over other, less qualified tutors. There are many children who have a simple challenge of not being able to learn best by the methods that are being used to teach the subject during school. An example is if a child were to be a visual learner, or even a tactile one where they need to touch and experience the concept with their own hands. If the instructor at school is primarily using a lecture format to teach the subject matter, this child will be lost and will feel like they are unable to grasp the concepts. When in reality they only need assistance from an instructor who can assess their best learning style and then present the material in that format for quicker and easier absorption. A tutor with these skills will indeed be highly revered in the industry.

When it comes to exam time, tutors need to be able to provide the extra push 1574R-0545Aneeded to get the student over the finish line and achieve high marks in their exams. Sometimes, even if a student knows the material, they just test poorly. The stress of taking an exam can be overwhelming for some people. This is where a qualified tuition provider can once again save the day. By being aware of when exam time is coming and spending weeks ahead of the exams giving practice exams using a similar format that will be used in school, the student will be completely at ease when the time comes. Because the concept and the experience itself will be comfortable for them. This is a huge benefit throughout their entire life, to have learned how to be at ease when taking a test or exam at such an early age. Truly any tutor who possesses the skills to provide repetitive practice exams on a weekly basis throughout the year will do their students a world of good.

The last responsibility mentioned is one of being able to motivate the student to enjoy learning. This is indeed a big task. Not all students love the process of learning. Many don’t enjoy school at all, except for the part where they get to see their friends. To instill a love of learning takes a gifted and talented tutor to sneak in learning in between experiments and games, where the student doesn’t fully realize that they are learning what used to be a difficult concept until after the Aha moment has arrived. Finding the best method for your student to learn is the key. Then using all methods interchangeably so that they don’t get bored, add that to the equation and you will become a tutor with a wait list of potential clients. And you will have a rewarding career where you can help children succeed in school, and in life.




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