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Success Story in Tuition Coordination

Job scope and challenges

Tuition coordinator is the employee of a tuition agency that is put in charge of handling all tutor requests from parents or students who wishes to engage themselves a tutor. Being a tuition coordinator, there is bound to be challenges as we are dealing with many different clients and matching them with tutors whom we might or might not know personally or only have their registered details.

Success story

I once encountered a mother who is looking for a Maths and science tutor for her son in Primary 3. Most parents who approach agencies often expect swift response, however, she told me to look around slowly and only recommend her good tutors. Parents always hope to have the best for their children and I can witness from this mother how she cared for her son through her vivid descriptions of her son’s academic results and also the bad experiences she had when she employed her previous tutors through express services.

Interaction with parent 

She is one who is very understanding and told me that I just need to update her about my progress every two to three days as she is afraid that I will be tired from the search. Through the short chat that I had with her, I can understand her concerns clearly and she shared many incidents and experience with her previous tutors.

Search process

With this, I immediately began search and contacting all the tutors whom I deem suitable for this assignment by looking at their teaching experiences and also exploring the feedback gathered from parents who have approached us and engaged the tutors.

Challenges in search

There are many considerations that I have to take into account when finding a suitable tutor. These include the budget of the parent for the assignment, qualifications of the tutor, feedback from previous assignments, schedule of both tutor and student and the place to conduct lessons. On top of these, the worst frustration comes when the tutors are occupied with lessons and cannot answer any phone calls. On a usual case to case scenario, we often only get one or two tutors who are suited for the job after considering the areas where they are willing to teach and also their qualifications.

After looking through the registered tutors, I managed to source for a single tutor who has prior experience in teaching and happen to be a graduate which makes him overqualified for the job. This made me extremely happy and recommended him to the parent subsequently after gathering more updated information from him. However, with the concerns that the mother had with the previous tutors, she was not as ready in accepting the tutor and requested to have a trial lesson with him before making any decisions to engage him.

As most home tutors do not favour the idea of trial lessons, it makes it hard for us to explain the rationale and most fear that parents will be choosy, making it hard for them to teach. Luck was on my side for this case as I raised the issues that the mother had with the tutor and he agreed to having a trial lesson. Following this, I arranged for the first lesson.

After the first lesson, I received a phone call from the mother saying that she is very pleased with the tutor and would like to carry on further lessons. I felt a sense of accomplishment as efforts spent in this long process of sourcing and matching did pay off. Furthermore, both the parent and tutor benefited from this. This job satisfaction is the key that propels us to work harder in our job.

The writer is a tuition coordinator working in Frankl Tuition Services.

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