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Success Story #2 in Tuition Coordination

Getting the assignment

There are various ways that parents or students can contact our agency as it is the policy of the agency to provide convenience and easy access for customers to communicate their request to our coordinators. This ranges from a short online form for customers to fill in their basic contact details such as name, email and a preferred contact number to a phone call to even a detailed form to state their details and also their preferences for the tutor.

One such request came in through an email form. The mother was very kind to state all her expectations of the maths tutor that she was looking for and even shared how her child was doing in the particular subject. I clearly remembered her analysis was very in-depth and she could even highlight the problems her son faced in understanding decimals and fractions. The mother also shared that the child always feared doing sums as he did not manage to score during school tests and examinations. With this, I felt that the tutor could be more informed about the student’s weakness and be prepared for the first lesson.

Criteria of tutor

There are many considerations that coordinators have when they deal with the assignments on hand. As the child is still young, the tutor needs to make learning fun and interesting and also open up the child to accept the subject given his strong fear. Mother also stated in her request that tutor has to help the child in overcoming his strong fear for the subject that was derived from constant failure to understand the concepts and also bad test results. Student is also lazy to practise on his own. With a better understanding of the student, I had some criteria in mind for this search. As the boy is still in his lower primary, I felt that I needed to find one tutor who has great exposure to little children and understand their psychology. This tutor also needs to possess mastery in primary level mathematics so as to better motivate the child and also be able to identify very clearly his weaknesses in the subject.

Sourcing for tutors

Using the idea of the right tutor for the child, I began search for a suitable tutor. While contacting some suitable tutors, I chanced upon one lady tutor whom I felt that had a passion to teach little children as her students are all from primary school. She also shared with me that she had a diploma in teaching and also a masters in education.  Given her qualifications, she would have fitted the bill to teach many students. An added bonus was her eight years of experience with primary subjects and working with young children. During the phone conversation, she also demonstrated her strong love for teaching and shared with me her experiences with her previous students. I remembered very clearly her description of this primary 3 girl who is also afraid of approaching any Maths sum. During her first lesson with the girl, she tried to lead her step by step in the easier sums to build her confidence and aid her in overcoming her fear. As she progressed through lessons, she tried to encourage the girl to try more difficult problems and also rewarded her with sweets when she did well for the topical tests that the tutor prepared after a few lessons. From this sharing, I can see her determination in teaching and also the effort she put in to help her students.

Recommending tutor to mother

After looking through the feedback from previous assignments, I had more confidence that this tutor will be very suited for the assignment. Following which, I phoned the mother to tell her about the tutor that I found and shared more about her teaching experience. She was very pleased with the tutor and we soon made arrangements for lesson to commence. It was a pleasant experience working with the mother and the tutor as both parties were prompt and communication could be done swiftly.

Gathering of feedback after first lesson

As part of our value added service and also to conduct routine checks on the tutors we recommend, we will try to gather responses from parents and tutor to find out more about the lesson. Most parents are willing to share their thoughts about the tutors and this can help to facilitate our understanding of the tutor and act as future testimonies for our tutors. Mother was happy that she has employed a qualified tutor and commented that she knew the syllabus and could conduct lessons very well.

The writer is a tuition coordinator in Frankl Tuition Services

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