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Students Propose Ways for a Cleaner Singapore

Campaigns to clean Singapore extends to students by calling them to give their ideas on how to keep Singapore clean, announced by education minister Heng Swee Keat during the 7th Teachers’ Conference. “Keep Singapore Clean Movement in Schools” was launched last June 3 as part of values education learning. According to Mr. Heng, the movement was supported by both students and schools in Singapore.
Cleaner Singapore

The mission of the movement is to tap on students’ ideas to keep school and neighborhood clean. The minister was proud to announce that the movement helps students become the role models for their family and friends. The campaign also brings out the patriotism and commitment of the youth for Singapore, he added.

As for the updates on the implementation of values education in schools, the new curriculum materials have already been released for primary 1 and 2 and also for secondary levels, Mr Heng confirmed. Students from primary 3 to 6 levels would have to wait for the end of this year to receive their materials.

MOE has trained 700 teachers last year to act as mentors and assist school leaders in conducting the values education curriculum inside classrooms.

What is Values Education in Singapore

Generally, values education refers to the process by which people transmit values to others. However, according to Singapore Angle, values education mainly in the country takes the form of the curriculum subject “Civics and Moral Education” or CME as well as National Education or NE.

With the famous Singapore national value “Nation before community and society above self”, schools are doing their best to impart the concept of values education to students for them to respect and protect their country and also develop love for themselves. To strengthen values of students, Mr Heng ensures that schools are putting values and character development at the core of the education system.
Singapore values education

Why is Values Education Important?

CoreEssentialValues on their article “Why are values so Important in Education?” states that students spend most of the time at school thus, schools must be a place to nurture them to support the nation and family. Teachers are expected to do the job of helping students understand that having good moral is not only an essential part of academic development but also to their personal growth as a person of the country.

Further, CoreEssentialValues explains that if children are left without a good foundation of values and good moral character, they may not recognize the sense of right from wrong. Without values education inside schools, children may also lack purpose and clarity. Their capacity to understand and think straight might be severely affected.

But for those learning environment with values as core foundation, students are able to better understand life’s morals and their learning growth is faster and a lot rewarding. It was also stressed upon that if we want our children to respect others, elders must also show respect. Simply put, in whatever values that older people want their children to learn, they must be willing to represent themselves.

Syllabus of Values Education in Singapore

Syllabus of values education in Singapore is broken down into 6 core values which include:
1. Respect. A person demonstrates respect when he believes in his own self-worth and the intrinsic worth of all people.

2. Responsibility. A person who is responsible recognises that he has a duty to himself, his family, community, nation and the world, and fulfils his responsibilities with love and commitment.

3. Integrity. A person of integrity upholds ethical principles and has the moral courage to stand up for what is right.

4. Care. A person who is caring acts with kindness and compassion. He contributes to the betterment of the community and the world.

5. Resilience. A person who is resilient has emotional strength and perseveres in the face of challenges. He manifest s courage, optimism, adaptability and resourcefulness.

6. Harmony. A person who values harmony maintains good relationships and promotes social togetherness. He appreciates the unity and diversity of a multi-cultural society.

Source: MOE Syllabus PDF


What we teach our children today is what will determine our future thus, exposing the youth to the right values at an early age is an important nation building task that will ensure long term sustainability.

It is not enough for us to educate our children on how to be smart or how to excel in school. We need to cultivate their leadership potential, decision-making skills and social awareness to prepare them for their career in time to come. Learning must also extend to helping them understand their commitment towards community and people. They must know how to consider the feelings of others and learn the right from wrong. And there’s no better and more effective guide for them to learn all of these than having a values education curriculum practised in their schools.

With MOE’s effort to assimilate young children into their role in the community and their family through values education, Singapore can be assured that we have future leaders who are not only smart but also equipped with a sense of responsibility and sound moral principles.

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