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South America to Incorporate Singapore’s Math

More and more 1st to 4th grade students at Southern Cross School in Santiago, Chile are becoming more interested in Mathematics after their school introduced Singapore Math. Students seemed to accept the new Math lessons

South America to Incorporate Singapore’s Math

South America to Incorporate Singapore’s Math

with enthusiasm as they start to participate and ask more questions according to Shannon Watt, elementary head of the school.

Ministry of Education designed the Singapore Math syllabus with deep focus on problem solving through model drawings. This powerful strategy has been effective in fostering students’ analytical skills not only in Chile but also in United States and a number of Southeast Asian countries.

Singapore Math syllabus is now slowly making its way to South America and MOE is happy to share the good news!

Why South America is Adapting Singapore Math?

According to Manila Bulletin, Philippines news release last January 9, 2014, educational surveys reveal that Singapore Math has been  instrumental in achieving excellent results in mathematics for schools that have embraced the Math curriculum. Singapore Math has been endorsed by many educational experts and described as ‘miracle math’ giving dramatic changes in the performance of many students in what many perceive to be a difficult subject.

At the moment, Singapore’s math curriculum is one of the most admired and has been adopted as a teaching strategy by many schools abroad including United States and South America.

United States on Singapore Math

According to New York Times publication on “Making Math Lessons as Easy as 1, Pause, 2, Pause”, Singapore math was developed by the country’s Ministry of Education nearly 30 years ago and the textbooks have been imported to United States in 2000. Home-school parents and a small number of schools in the United States were the earliest adopters of Singapore Math as they heard about the good results of the curriculum through word of mouth.

According to Mr. Jeffery Thomas, a history teacher who founded SingaporeMath.com there were about a dozen schools that started and dropped Singapore math because teachers themselves lacked a strong math background and adequate training in the program.

Today, Singapore Math is among the most established and most regarded Math curriculum that gave United States and all other Asian countries a push to pursue quality Math education.

Introduction on Singapore Math

Singapore Math is a popular teaching method based on the math curriculum used for 1st to 6th grade in Singapore. The curriculum encourages students to learn and master mathematical concepts with precision. Apart from that, it also involves teaching the students the math concepts using a 3-step learning process. The 3 steps are categorized as:

1. Concrete

2. Pictorial

3. Abstract

In concrete step, students are exposed to hands-on learning experiences through the use of objects including dice, paper clips and chips to test their mathematical skills. This technique is followed by pictorial concept. In this step, photo or drawing representations of mathematical concepts are laid out.  Then lastly the students are encouraged to solve the abstract problem. The abstract concept makes use of numbers and symbols to solve the mathematical problem.

The 3 methods seem to work well as students become more interactive, curious and challenged.

The first development of the curriculum began in 1980 when Ministry of Education developed its own mathematics textbooks that gave focus on problem solving and heuristic model drawing. The produced textbooks were adopted by several United State schools and all other countries including Canada, Israel and United Kingdom. The success of the curriculum is evident in these countries as their students develop high visual learning, conceptual understanding and problem solving skills.

Indeed, Singapore Math is among the best Math curriculums ever designed to challenge grade school students around the world.

Want to be challenged?  Take a Singapore Math online exam: CLICK HERE.


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