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Have you seen your child struggling with pages of reading materials?

Have you ever looked at your child’s answer script that has only a few lines of response to an essay question?

If your answer is ‘yes’, you are one of many parents whose children have difficulty learning Social Studies in school, a compulsory subject for secondary school students designed for their better understanding of the Singapore society and its current policies. But don’t worry. As Social Studies has always been one of the hardest subjects among students, your child is definitely not alone facing the challenge. And with the right amount of help and guidance, your child will stand to outshine others who have yet to grasp the ways of learning for this special subject.


Why is it so special?

We call this subject special because it is different from conventional subjects a student has been accustomed to learning since primary school. It takes holistic application of skills needed in a variety of subjects. Firstly, it requires the ability to read and comprehend. The source-based questions are reading intensive, and time constraints in the exam setting only demands even higher comprehension skills from students. Secondly, it requires logical analysis. It is nothing like literature where imagination is valued. Social Studies demands the rigor of reasoning, so students are essentially writing persuasive essays, a more difficult style of writing compared to narratives. Lastly, it requires specific set of skills, such as cross-inference skills, and students may take longer time to pick up the new skills.


As you can see, Social Studies is not easy. Instead of having your child tackle the problem alone, we recommend that you hire a private social studies tutor for his/her study, so that the difficulties in learning can be quickly overcome and the experiences of learning can become smooth and pleasant.


Maturity matters

We believe that it takes certain level of maturity to understand what is going on in Social Studies. A secondary school student can perfectly understand the literal meaning of the text taught in school, but that does not mean they are able to effectively read between the lines, appreciate the rationales behind certain policies or to comprehend the significance of certain events. Hence, your child will benefit from listening to the explanations of a private tutor, who is an adult and has enough life experiences to understand and explain properly the learning points in the subject. For some topics such as the war on Iraq, students may find it difficult to establish personal connection if they do not have an interest in current affairs. For example, they may not appreciate how the fight for oil lies behind many of the political rhetoric and military action. Our tutor can take time to explain the larger setting of the concepts taught, drawing on his or her life experiences or examples from the newspapers to ‘tell a story’. The luxury of time afforded by a private tuition session is something not available in school, but it is essential for thorough explanation and understanding.


The luxury of time afforded by a private social studies tuition session is something not available in school, but it is essential for thorough explanation and understanding.


The elusive skills…

Moreover, Social Studies is highly skill specific. The skills needed in exams are not taught in many other subjects, so students have relatively less exposure to the required skills. The constraint of school environment makes it difficult for students to grasp the skills, as students may not have enough opportunity to clarify whether certain skills are correctly applied. What makes consultation with school teachers even harder is the fact that the answers to Social Studies questions are in the format of essays, hence a teacher cannot possibly read through so many essays just to answer one specific inquiry. However, our private tutor is able to do that. During the exclusive sessions with your child, our tutor can patiently analyze the answers paragraph by paragraph, and your child can make detailed annotation to his or her problems. Attention from a teacher is essential to the cultivation of any skill.


Practice and practice!

Just having attention is not enough. As the old saying goes, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ For a skill-intensive subject like Social Studies, that is perfectly true! We believe that the performance of a student in any subject has more to do with the amount of practices than any other factor such as the innate intelligence. While there are many exams papers in the market, how likely will students do them diligently if they know that it is not very possible that their school teachers will mark their extra practice papers? And it may not also be reasonable to expect such a duty from school teachers who are responsible for more than hundred students in school. But our private tutor fills in this gap. Our tutor can give immediate feedback to your child, as the memory of the papers and answers are still fresh in mind. Such on-the-spot feedback is more effective to enhance learning than exams debriefing session in school where we observe that many students are not paying much attention simply because they have forgotten the content of the long articles they read.


Besides the practical benefitting of learning a subject well, scoring well in Social Studies also makes your child into a more informed, more analytical citizen who can think on his/her own feet. That is why we call the thinking skills taught in the subject life skills, which can be used when your child is reading newspapers, making a statement of opinion or deciding which political candidate to vote in the future. But all these good things rest on the foundation built now. Sign up with the Frankl Tuition today. We are ready to help!


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