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Singaporean students Bags the Top 5 Place in the Last PISA Exam

It’s a great honor for Education Minister Heng Swee Keat to announce that the current PISA or Programme for International Student Assessment was a success for Singaporean students, having ranked among the top 5 highest scorers from 510,000 examinees all over the world.

Singaporean students Bags the Top 5 Place in the Last PISA Exam

Singaporean students Bags the Top 5 Place in the Last PISA Exam

Mr. Heng is so proud to see the students continually improve over the years. It was recalled that the Singapore students’ performance on the first PISA was not very impressive and further work was done to upgrade their performance. But the last result has been a great success as the country joins Shanghai-China and Korea on the top 5 list.

This news has made Mr. Heng extremely happy.

The assessment was conducted to 15-year old students to examine how well they perform on reading, mathematics and science. Scheduled once every three years, this assessment has been one of the most reliable and prominent basis on measuring the potential of every student to all possible learning aspects including Science and Mathematics.

Singapore students are known to be among the most knowledgeable in computers which was helpful for examinees taking the computer-based exam as they already have mastered the use of computers in school.

There’s an overflowing joy from Mr Heng to see the results this year far surpassing  that of the first time that the country has participated in PISA. “Even the weak ones have performed better this year than any other year since the country took part in PISA” – he said.

The global recognition that this result has given to Singapore is something that everyone in the country is proud of including the parents. With the education system on the right track and parent’s full support, Mr Heng is again putting his hope on the students that will bring the country another pride on the next PISA exam.

A Closer Look at PISA

PISA or Program for International Student Assessment is an international assessment that measures the reading, mathematics and science literacy of 15-year old students to over 65 countries and economies. The last 2012 PISA was taken by approximately 510,000 students coming from different countries including Singapore. PISA also includes a computer based assessment in mathematics and reading literacy. Apart from that, the examination also involves assessment on general or cross-curricular competencies such as problem solving.

PISA is coordinated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or popularly known as OECD – an intergovernmental organization of industrialized countries. It was last 2000 when PISA was first administered and recurs every 3 years.

Overview on 2009 PISA Results

The results of each assessment would take about 1 year and half to be analysed. The list will become available after the period on the website of OECD – http://www.oecd.org/.  The last 2009 PISA results were published in 2010 which ranks Shanghai-China as the top scorer and followed by Korea then Finland.

Singapore was among the top 5 to rank in 2009 with a score of 526 on reading, 562 on Mathematics and 542 on Science.

CLICK this PDF list for more information: http://www.oecd.org/pisa/pisaproducts/46619703.pdf.

The Upcoming PISA 2015

PISA will conduct their next assessment this coming 2015 with science as the target domain and with mathematics, reading and collaborative problem solving as the minor domains. The assessment will also include financial literacy which will be assessed in 2015 in several countries. Each student will take the test entirely via computer.

The upcoming PISA is predicted to cater approximately 70 countries including Korea, United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Singapore and 10 Canadian provinces, which are English-speaking and French speaking students randomly selected.

The results in 2015 PISA will be made available in December 2016 in OECD website.

The enormous effort given towards quality education in Singapore is truly admirable. Everyone in the education ministry is working to ensure that students are getting everything that they deserve to learn. Parents, on their part, give their support and guide to bring out the best in kids. Everyone works towards the goal of providing the best education and the results are not failing them.


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