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Should you use Educational Apps for your kids ?

What’s App kids?


According to Emily Bryan  in her recent article, mobile apps can actually have some educational benefits for children, but of course, like everything else, using apps requires proper guidance and moderation from parents. They should make an effort to talk to their child’s teacher as to what kind of apps they should let their children use or play.

So here are the top 5 child-friendly apps in the downloadable world:


Motion Math: Hungry Guppy (Ages 2 – up)

Motion Math Guppy App

Compatibility: iPad + iPhone 

This app helps the child to learn to add add by connecting the child’s fingertip with addition concepts. This is the fifth app from the Stanford University-inspired app studio Motion Math.


Dora’s Great Big World App

Doras world

Compatibility:  iPad + iPhone ? Android

This app offers a total of 5 games, which do not only consists of logic-based ones, but also lots of interesting and creative educational content, for preschool and even first grade, targeting literacy, math and science.


Hoopa City


Hoopa City

Compatibility: iPad + iPhone ? Android

This app lets kids construct their very own City for Dr. Panda and his friends with the help of Hoopa the Hippo. This hones the child’s creativity by discovering and experimenting with new building objects.


 Cut the rope

cut the rope

Compatibility:  iPad + iPhone ? Android

An ugly-cute monster named Om Nom has to solve puzzles, using special tools like pulleys and catapults, and catch stars in order to score. This app will test the kid’s analytical skills in solving the puzzle to help Nom eat the candies.


Memory Match: Child Development Edition

Memory match pre-school

Compatibility: iPad + iPhone 

This app lets the kids score points by remembering where they last saw matching pictures or numbers. It targets the child’s memory and analytical skills in finding ways to match the pictures/numbers faster.

These 5 apps makes Math and Science approachable, sometimes I wished that they existed when I was young, but like every good things on earth, one must fade so other things will appear and, viola technology appeared and everything changed. It has impacted our lives and how we see and perceive things. It has made our world smaller with just a swipe on our smartphones.

If you take a look around, people are packed with gadgets, not just the grown-ups but the children as well. As parents, one must wonder if the apps they are using are really educational?

According to Susan Linn, director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood says parents should be wary of any TV show or app that touts educational benefits for babies or toddlers, saying that scientists have yet to prove that there are any.

“Babies and young children are spending huge amounts of time with screen media when really what they need is hands-on creative play, active time and face-to face time with people that love them,” Linn said.

Too much exposure to games, internet and devices has been linked to: Disrupted sleep, Inability to focus, Lack of creativity, forgetfulness, Impatience, Narcissism, Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism.

But like what Mark Twain said “Too much of anything is bad…” Moderation is the key for every parent. Its okay to embrace technology as it is inevitable. It is also a sign that the world is progressing to the betterment of all humans. However, one must bear in mind that the kids’ education cannot be outsourced to purely an app. it’s not rocket science, too much exposure to the screen disrupts how the child processes information, unlike the printed text that requires the child to focus and concentrate. There should be a balance between the two.

kids playing

For the kids to be able to learn and to have healthy brains we should let them experience a solid sense of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual education. This can be done through human connections not with iPads, iPods & iPhones.

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