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Should I choose a male or female tutor for my child?

Do Men or Women Make Better Teachers

 It’s an age old debate. Does a man or a woman make a better teacher? There’s no arguing that there are different styles between how a man teaches and how a woman teaches. Obviously in any comparison situation there are people who fall outside of the generally agreed upon stereo-types. However, generally speaking males and females are known the world over for having different teaching styles from one another.

For example, men are typically, though not always, known for being more matter of fact, less cuddly or sympathetic, and somewhat more baritone in

Should I choose a male or female tutor for my child?

Should I choose a male or female tutor for my child?

their presentation mannerisms. If we dissect each of these ‘typical’ methods we can see certain trends develop. Men are generally less cuddly and somewhat less sympathetic than females are. Thus there is a large disparity between the volume of males vs. females in the early child development arena. It takes a special type of man to be comfortable with elementary age children who tend to cry, get hurt more often, have accidents more frequently, and generally need more attention than older kids do. Additionally, since men are much more matter of fact than females, the teaching style could be mis-interpreted as being cold or uncaring when directed towards a younger audience. The deep, baritone voice that men are known for resonates very well in theater type classrooms, or classrooms with a higher ratio of students per teacher. However, it can be somewhat scary for a young child to be taught by someone who mimics a drill sergeant when speaking in front of a classroom. That is not to indicate that all men speak in a baritone voice, nor that men are incapable of being sympathetic. However, it is generally accepted that females are more nurturing than men.


Authoritative vs Tender loving?

 Females are generally more tender in their demeanor and in their approach, making a high school or college setting more challenging for a demure lady. A woman is frequently known as the caretaker of the family, including in their work environment. In the early child development stages, such as in elementary school and pre-school, women are very comforting when boo-boos occur. A female teacher will appear to be more patient and understanding and able to redirect a classroom that seems to be in chaos with 20 five year olds running about. The approach to controlling a classroom filled with adolescents is much different though. A firm hand is required. Teens are trying desperately to assert their own level of independence and can sometimes test the waters by thwarting authority figures. Many females are, of course, capable of running a high school classroom. However, stereo-typically a class taught by a male will not be subject to as many attempts at a power struggle as one taught by a female would be.

It’s not an accident that the demographics of teachers throughout history as well as today mirror this ratio. In elementary schools there are significantly more female teachers than male. In middle school there are more men in teaching positions, and more sports coaches as well, than were present in the elementary school. In high school the numbers start to become very close to evenly matched, though there are likely still more females overall. During college is when the ratio might even start to slant towards more male professors than female.


Unique styles for unique individuals

 But one might wonder why more men don’t just decide to become early child educators. Is there a preclusion that prevents them from trying or is it a natural separation of personalities and personas that exists for all the right reasons? Understanding the type of warm and gentle man who decides to go into elementary age education inherently answers this question. The vast majority of men consider their work to be their identity and their profession. Stating that they are an elementary school teacher doesn’t sound like a profession to most men. It is. But it doesn’t sound like something most men would ever hear themselves say. Additionally, men are conditioned throughout their own schooling experience to believe that it just isn’t done that way. They saw with their own two eyes that in the younger years more teachers were female. And that not until middle school did men become a noticeable presence in their own schools.


Teaching styles vary greatly from person to person, regardless of their gender. But the stereo-typical differences between males and females addressed above point to a natural selection of events that fit well within society, within natural human behavior, and within generally accepted roles. Any man or woman can teach at any level. That much has been proven the world over. However, it’s very natural for society to accept, and possibly even prefer, more females in the presence of their younger children and more males in the presence of teaching their older children. It just seems the natural order of things.

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