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The watershed period has come…..

The education in Singapore is well-known for its policy of constantly streaming students, in an effort to put each student within an academic environment where he will learn the best. And the effect of streaming will be more permanent towards the later stage of your child’s study. The streaming exam between lower and upper secondary school will determine the kind of class your child can get into, and probably the kind of graduating exam your child is going to take. With more top-tier junior colleges offering Integrated Programs, the exam at the juncture may have even more far-reaching effects than before. Thus good academic performance is essential for your child to thrive in the intense competition.

While the paths of students after taking the PLSE may still cross, the paths of O-levels graduates seldom do. Some go to polytechnics and obtain a diploma for work. Some go to junior colleges and apply for universities to further their studies. Which path your child is going to take, and how fast your child can walk on the chosen path, depends on the foundation your child lays down in secondary school and ultimately the O-levels results. It is not exaggerating that secondary school education is a watershed period in a student’s development.

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  • Firstly, your child may start to notice the difference in education when he/she enters the secondary one. The number of subjects has increased. Some new subjects, such as history and geography, have been introduced. Transition is a critical issue at this stage. Your child may take time to be accustomed to the increased workload and the
    enhanced difficulty of concepts learned. What is more important is that your child will begin to mature, intellectually, at this stage. Instead of passively following through in class and being afraid of raising up their hands, students at lower secondary school will generally start to ask questions and challenge the authority. Coupled with the more difficult subjects in school, your child may find the study more challenging and more confusing. It is timely to have a home tutor to constantly clarify his/her doubts and build up his/her confidence in the new learning environment. We believe that your child will be able to keep the momentum of learning once he/she has a positive learning experience at the start of secondary school education.

    secondary school tuition

    secondary school tuition


  • Secondly, as your child progresses to upper secondary, the learning curve becomes steeper and steeper. A phrase, ‘higher order thinking‘, appears in the syllabus requirement and even the marking schemes of exams. The memorization and regurgitation method no longer works. The implication of the situation is that mere repetitive hard work does not guarantee good results. The students need to be able to understand the causes and effects of concepts, apply them in different situations and evaluate their applications in different contexts. For science subjects such as physics, mere memorization of laws and formulae does not immediately produce a good answer in the exam. Usually the questions require students to explain in details a phenomenon that cannot be found in the textbook. For languages such as English, inference questions may be the most feared type of problems. They need students to read between the lines and interpret what the author is implying. The demand for higher order thinking makes it desirable to have a home tutor who can explain the concepts patiently to your child. Your child will benefit from the personalized attention from a tutor who will be familiar with the thinking methods of your child and therefore will be able to point out what goes wrong in your child’s understanding of a concept. Moreover, a concept is best explained using different ways. Your child stands to benefit from a variety of explanation from both the school teachers and the home tutor as well.


  • Lastly, as a good CCA record gives bonus point for the O-levels results, your child will be engaged in many different activities. Having become a senior in the school, your child may even take up leadership positions. While all these are good for your child’s personal development, they necessarily distract attention and energy away from study. Occupied with many duties in school, home may be a better place to study. While your child has to go through the trouble to book a time-limited consultation period with teachers, our home tutor can always come at your child’s convenience when your child is learning most productively at home and is most ready to absorb. One to two hours of tuition time are more efficient than segmented consultation periods in school.


We understand the stress of your child and you as a parent. If you have taken time to read the article till here, it shows your commitment and determination to improve your child’s academic performance. Go one step further and sign up with the Frankl Tuition. We will work the watershed period and its intense competition towards your child’s advantage!


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