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Secondary School Ranking in Singapore

Secondary School Ranking in Singapore (2012)

The 2012 rankings are out for secondary schools in Singapore. These rankings are derived from the PSLE intake results for secondary 1 Express students. Entry into a school’s express stream is based on the minimum cut-off points. It is this information that was compiled to create the listing.

While there weren’t noticeable changes from the previous years’ rankings, there were some surprises to make note of. Additionally, with six more schools begin accepting IP students into the secondary 1 level in 2013, these numbers could change even more next year.

Secondary School Ranking in Singapore

Secondary School Ranking in Singapore

The most elitist of the secondary schools is once again

Nanyang Girls’ High School, requiring a PSLE score of 262 for entry, same as last year. Second to Nanyang are Raffles Girls’ School and Raffles Institution (otherwise known as RI), in a change from 2011 for both schools up to a required intake score of 261. Raffles Girls’ School raised their intake requirement up from 260, and Raffles Institution raised theirs up from 259 for 2012, presumably in an effort to be more selective in preserving their desire to take only the top-ranking students. RI is the highest ranking school for boys in Singapore.

Since both of the Raffle’s schools are now tied in second place, the fourth place position now goes to Hwa Chong Institution, also in a tie for fourth position with National Junior College. Both schools have raised their required intake PSLE results from 257 in 2011 to 258 in 2012. This would seemingly be to also raise their stake in the top of the class lottery.

Curiously, we now come to the first school in the rankings to lower their intake score for 2012 over 2011. Dunman High School has lowered their required intake from 257 to 256, putting them alone in sixth position.

Next we see some further unusual activity in the annual intake requirements. While River Valley High raised their required intake 1 point from 253 to 254 to stand alone as number seven, Methodist Girls’ School has lowered their intake requirement from 253 down to 250 to put them in the eighth position. It’s unclear what motivation they would have since previously both of these schools stood tied at number seven.

The first of the schools to jump up two positions in the 2012 rankings is next in ninth place. Cedar Girls’ Secondary School increased their intake one point from 248 in 2011 to 249 for 2012 candidates. This leapfrogged them from eleventh position to ninth; thus, putting them in the top ten schools, an envious honor.

Victoria School held steady at thirteenth position with an increased intake from 246 in 2011 to 247 in 2012. Victoria School tied with Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) for thirteenth place, which raised their intake for 2012 up two points from 245 to 247, raising their ranking up one position from last year’s fourteenth spot.


The only other school in the top 25 to jump two points was this year’s number 17 school Anglican High School. Anglican High School raised their intake requirements for 2012 one point from 242 in 2011 to 243, putting them in a three –way tie for 17th position with Crescent Girls’ School and Nan Hua High School.


Rounding out the top 25 secondary schools in Singapore for 2012 intake requirements, Chung Cheng High School (Main) increased their intake one point from 236 to 237 for 2012 to catapult them three points from last year’s 26th spot to put them in 23rd position. A bold move to ensure they reached the top 25 list.


And the last schools in the top 25 see two tied for 24th position. Commonwealth Secondary School lowered their 2012 intake one point from 237 to 236 to remain in 24th position; while nan Chiau High School raised their intake 2 points from 234 to 236 to jump a whopping four places and secure the last spot in the top 25.


While there are currently 161 secondary schools listed in the PSLE intake ranking half of them fell lower in the 2012 rankings compared with 2011. Less than 20 schools remained unchanged, meaning that less than 40 percent moved up in the ranking.


It’s interesting to note that six of these schools intend to begin accepting entrance at the secondary 1 level to IP students in 2013. The six schools are: St. Joseph’s Institution (20), Anglo Chinese School (Independent) (13), Singapore Chinese Girls’ (11), Catholic High (11), St. Nicholas (9), and Methodist Girls’ (8). It’s too early to tell what impact, if any, this will have on overall educational rankings in Singapore.


Additionally, Cedar Girls School and Victoria School have begun accepting students at secondary level 1 from the Integrated Program (IP). Cedar’s accepts IP scores at 258 and above, while Victoria accepts IP scores of 255 and up.


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