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“ High science anxiety is associated with low science achievement. ”

 Test anxiety is a form of performance anxiety when student feels pressure to perform well. It is defined as “ a state of mind when one is filled with intense apprehension or fear of real or imagined negative outcomes towards a test situation. ”

Students may demonstrate symptoms as simple as a feeling of nervousness, having “butterflies” in the stomach, or heart beat going faster but can get as severe as tension headaches, shakes, sweats, or in some cases they feel that they might pass out, nausea, and even vomiting. Test anxiety, like all anxiety attacks, has negative mental effects, and can interfere with a student’s ability to remember facts, or to think clearly.

This situation happens a lot, especially in Singapore, where the taking of tests and exams are a part of life when you are a student.

As pointed out by psychologists, the student’s own perception of how they will do on the test has the highest correlation with test anxiety.

A lack of preparation on the part of the student is common cause for test anxiety. Psychologists advocate the best way to get over this is simple: GET SUPPORT.

One form of effective support comes from having home tutors to help explain concepts, clarify doubts, reinforced practice drills… etc to ensure student’s readiness for the test. Studies show that adequate preparation improves self-image and therefore removes negativity from the student’s perception.

Request a Science tutor now to prepare my child adequately for Science Exams !

primary science tuition

Primary Science Tuition

The learning approach in our current Primary Science syllabus is based on themes that students can relate to in their

everyday experiences, and to the commonly observed phenomena in nature. The aim is to enable students to appreciate the links between different themes/topics and thus allow the integration of scientific ideas.

In our Primary Science education, Science subject commences at Primary 3 and follows through till Primary 6. There are five themes to be studied, namely: Diversity, Cycles, Systems, Energy and Interactions. These themes encompass a core body of concepts in both the life and physical sciences. This body of concepts has been chosen because it provides a broad based understanding of the environment, and it will help build a foundation upon which students can rely on for further study.

Primary School Science Syllabus 

Although the content of the syllabus is organised into 5 themes, according to the curriculum planner, the topics under each theme are not to be viewed as compartmentalized blocks of knowledge. In general, there are no clear boundaries between these themes. There may be topics common to different themes. Hence, the intention to demonstrate holistic learning is crucial and students are required to illustrate the relationship between themes whenever possible.

To ace PSLE Science at the end of Primary 6, students are required to demonstrate the competency of the following 14 skills including; Observing, Comparing, Classifying, Communicating, Inferring, Predicting, Analyzing, Generating Possibilities, Evaluating, Formulating Hypothesis, Processes, Creative Problem Solving, Decision-making and Investigation.

To better hone these 14 skills in order to do well in answering Paper 2 of PSLE Science paper, we strongly recommend that home tutors play a critical pillar in providing the guidance and support.

primary science tuition

Primary Science Tuition

Home tutors who specialize in teaching Primary Science, help create a structured learning environment. The 14 skills are

set as cornerstones since Primary 3, and progressed gradually through Primary 4 & repeated for retention in Primary 5. An in-depth mastery of these skills at Primary 6 would mean a sure A grade (75 marks & above) in the Science subject. An exceptional application of such skills to the context of the questions will definitely bag an A* (91 marks & above).

As a parent, you can help to support your child’s learning through a structured method, with the help of home tutors, building the skills & progressing them at the developmental pace of your child. Such an approach will ensure that your child is well prepared to handle the topic of Science and chase their performance anxiety away.

Why do we as parents need to put our kids through the stress of tests & exams when they are ill-equipped ?

Look no longer for a miracle solution. Call us now to speak to our education consultants. We have a tutor well-suited to each child’s unique learning style. Act now!

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