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Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Moving into secondary school is a quantum leap.

lower secondary science tuition

lower secondary science tuition

The entire Secondary One contingent starts day one with relatively equal abilities. Afterall, the cohort is made up of the previous year’s

PSLE successful students. Yet, there are only a meagre few who seem to know what is going on in secondary school. Their homework is impeccable. The common tests are aced and they truly enjoy life as a Secondary One student.

How is it that these teenagers seem to have their act all together and navigate the Secondary curriculum, including the indomitable Science subject, while other struggle with envy?


The question begs: Is there a key to unlock the myth of ace-ing Science ? Do these top students who pass Science with flying colours possess some gem of information that others are deprived of ? Is there a secret elixir that only the privileged few can access ?


The answer is yes!


The secret to score well in Science can be unlocked.


Science is a subject that requires determination and persistence. These characteristics are not easily taught. Sounds familiar ? Thomas Edison clearly demonstrates this point poignantly. Need we say more ?


This Lower Secondary Science Syllabus is essentially a continuation and further development of the Primary Science

Syllabus. It is also a bridge to, and a foundation for, the pursuit of scientific studies at upper secondary levels. The syllabus has also taken into consideration the desired outcomes of education for our lower secondary students as well as the national education emphasis.


The syllabus emphasizes the need for a balance between the acquisition of science knowledge, skills and attitudes. In addition, the technological applications, social implications and the value aspects of science are also considered. It also emphasizes the broad coverage of fundamental concepts in the natural and physical world.


The following table shows the description of each domain which frames the practice of science:

Knowledge, Understanding and Application Skills and Processes Ethics and Attitudes
Scientific phenomena, facts, concepts and principles Skills
* Using apparatus & equipment
* Posing questions
* Observing
* Classifying
* Comparing
* Communicating
* Inferring
* Formulating hypothesis
* Predicting
* Analysing
* Elaborating
* Verifying
* Generating possibilities
* Defining the problem
* Curiosity
* Creativity
* Objectivity
* Integrity
* Open-mindedness
* Perseverance
* Responsibility
Scientific vocabulary, terminology and conventions Processes
* Planning investigation
* Creative problem-solving
Scientific instruments and apparatus including techniques and aspects of safety
Scientific and technological applications

Top students in Science work with multi-faceted approach gain more than the knowledge they need to pass Science tests. They gain confidence, motivation and the ability to work through difficulties.


At Frankl Tuition Services, our graduate full-time Science tutors help students learn from the beginning that they have the ability to learn new problems and the support is there for each step along the way. Their confidence is built from gradual progression. It doesn’t mean that they learn everything at the first go. It means that our tutors journey with their students and keep trying and this leads to eventual success. Our tutors customize their teaching methods to foster the confidence in each child’s abilities in Science and teaches students to be independently motivated and confident.


Act now! Academic success is only a step away.


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*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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