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Science is one of the earlier subjects that your child will be learning in school. It is introduced into the school syllabus as early as primary three and continues all the way to secondary school education. It is tested in a series of important exams at the junctures of your child’s life, including streaming exams at various levels and the PLSE. Because of the weight that our education system places on science, it is important that your child does well for the subject.

  • First, science is a generic subject consisting of knowledge from different scientific areas. As it is not a specialized subject, it focuses more on thinking skills than on actual content. Students should refrain from memorizing
    concepts, but rather focus on understanding the meaning behind them. As indicated by the current syllabus, rigid memorization is hardly tested.We understand that science can pose a challenge to students who are not used to the abstract and disciplined thinking. This can be a serious problem considering the relatively young age a student is taking the subject. However, we do not wish any student to lag behind. Therefore, if your child faces difficulty in learning science, it is highly recommended to hire a home tutor who will solely devote to your child’s needs. Our home tutor will patiently explain your child’s questions, and encourage your child to pick up the right way of thinking. Our tutor will try to use tangible objects to illustrate intangible concepts and 

    science tuition

    science tuition

 We believe constant interaction with a home tutor will give a sense of familiarity to your child, familiarity that is critical in reducing the feeling of intimidation in learning a challenging subject.

  • Science is an endeavor that progresses on repeated inquiries of scientists. Due to the nature of the subject, science in school also demands students to think critically and ask questions. Asking questions is an important process of
    learning, because the difficult questions on exam papers that differentiate performance of students are usually tricky questions involving some confusing concepts. Hence, as a science student, always ask questions.However, it is easier said than done. The conventional school setting does not encourage the asking of questions. The limited consultation opportunities also impede students from having thorough interaction with their teachers. Our home tutor will come after your child to make sure all the possible answers in his or her mind are properly addressed. Instead of asking your child to go after the teachers, we come to your child and solve his or her doubts. We believe that your child will improve his or her performance after developing the good habit of asking questions, which will lead to greater academic performance.

    science tuition

    science tuition

  • Lastly, your child is still at the stage of developing learning habit. As a parent, you definitely want your child to be attentive and focused in class. While it is relatively easier to achieve that in a classroom where a teacher has the authority to keep students disciplined, situation may be different at home, where you may be too busy to accompany your child in doing homework. This problem again calls for a home tutor.We believe that the attention from students and teachers are reciprocal. The more individualized attention we pay to students, the more likely they are going to concentrate, feedback and absorb. Our home tutor will provide such highly personalized attention. Sitting by the side of your child, our tutor will fully engage your child in learning and there is little opportunity for distraction. Knowing that someone is following through in his or her learning, your child may have greater motivation to learn well. All these are desirable factors of education that a school cannot provide due to constraint of resources.

         We hope to provide them to your child so that your child will have an advantage in learning.

We share your concern for your child and we want to help your child to improve. With experienced tutors, we offer quality tuition that puts your child’s academic needs as our primary concern. Sign up with us today and we privilege the opportunity to be part of your child’s science learning journey as we work together to achieve results!


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If your child is in a primary school, it is important to build on his or her confidence and passion in learning. Confidence is an especially important issue in a child’s education at early stage, because it will affect how your child will perceive study later on. Our home tutor will take time to engage your child and listen to his or her concerns that may not be shared with teachers in school. As your child has just started a long journey of learning, it is important to offer your child extra care to make sure your child is on the track right from the start.
If your child is in a lower secondary school, he or she will see the steep rise in competition and difficulty. Our tutor can first help your child manage the transition period by reducing the difficulty in learning so as to reassure your child of his or her ability to thrive in the environment. As the concepts taught in secondary schools are more complex and usually require ‘higher order thinking’, it is timely to have a home tutor who will explain difficult concepts and therefore reduce the unnecessary pressure in cracking an idea.In secondary school, it is also when science branches out to its more complicated child subjects such as physics, biology and chemistry and teachers begin to delve much more in-depth into a discipline.


Tutor Qualification Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Junior College
A-Level Graduate SGD 20-25 SGD 25-30 SGD 30-35
Undergraduate/NIE Trainee SGD 22-30 SGD 28-35 SGD 35-40
Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 27-35 SGD 32-40 SGD 38-45
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 40-60 SGD 45-80 SGD 55-100
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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