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Primary School Tuition

A journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step

primary school tuition

primary school tuition

If your child is studying in a primary school, he/she is right at the beginning of a long journey that leads to his/ her career

at the end. Each step on the journey is important, especially at the beginning where your child is young and mostly needs extra guidance.

And the reality in the primary school education in Singapore makes it even more necessary for the extra care and attention that you should devote to your child’s academic development. The life of a primary school student has become tougher. If you are a parent who often surts the Internet, you should be noticing the rising complaints in the education forums about endless competitions and examinations in school. The streaming of students when your child goes to the upper primary is the first turning point. The PSLE that saw around 60000 candidates in recent years has caused much stress among thousands of families in Singapore. It determines which band of secondary schools your child can enter. It determines if your child can get into the much coveted Integrated Program offered by a few elite junior colleges in Singapore. We understand that you as a parent want to give your child the best education that promises an intelligent mind, a good personality and a rewarding career. We understand that you are under stress, probably even greater stress than what your child is undergoing. So we are here to help. We strive to increase your child’s academic performance by offering personalized home tuition.


It is important for children in primary schools to have a right learning attitude and a love for study. Children at this stage generally do not have sufficient self-discipline and attention span. If you ever pick up your little one in school, you should have seen how noisy a classroom can be. While the teacher is making an effort to engage the students, it is difficult to control an entire class and get all the students interested in the lesson. Such a situation makes it desirable to have a home tutor who will solely devote to your child’s time. The mere presence of someone beside your child makes him/her more focused, because we believe that the attention between tutors and young children is always reciprocal. Our home tutor can cultivate in your child a good learning attitude and train your child to be attentive and disciplined. A good learning habit developed at the formative age will benefit your child immensely at later stages of learning.


As your child goes up the grade, exams and stress will come more frequently. They will know what is streaming, PSLE and their implications. Your child may start to worry. Though the understanding of such matters is part of growth, we want to alleviate the anxiety faced by your child during this stage. Having a good academic performance is essential to your child’s motivation to learn and psychological well-being. We are ready to help in different areas of learning

Your child is just at the start of an exciting, yet difficult journey. We understand your hope and your worry. Sign up with us and let us be your child’s company!


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For the learning of language such as chinese and english, a child will absorb the best in an immersive learning environment. A home tutor can extend the environment from school to home and have frequent verbal interaction and writing practices for your child. Learning a language involves a fair bit of memorizing. While a child may not be disciplined enough to go through what is often considered boring drilling, the presence of a home tutor can be a good motivation for a child. They will set timeline and goals. They will have constant revision and checks so that your child does not fall behind, often imperceptibly, in learning a language.


For the learning of mathematics, the kind of content taught at primary level is a mix of intuitive and abstract. For the intuitive concepts, such as the area of a triangle, a tutor can use commonly available objects at home to illustrate. Showing your child the relevance between what is learnt in book and what exists in everyday life can arouse his/her interest. For more abstract concepts, such as fraction, your child may need more explanation in addition to the teaching in class. It may be the first time your child experiences abstract learning and it is natural his/her mind is not accustomed to that. Hence guidance after school becomes necessary to ensure your child has grasped the method of abstract thinking.


For the learning of sciences, you child may experience some learning barrier as it is a new subject introduced at upper primary. Science requires observation and drawing conclusion from what is being observed. This is a new skill a child has to learn. Moreover, like mathematics, sciences can get abstract. When your child is learning the interaction of forces, for example, he/she does not really get to see the forces. It is something intangible which a child may find hard to accept. Hence, your child needs a home tutor to patiently explain the concepts and help your child overcome the psychological barriers of mentally processing abstract notions. As children of such ages may not ‘dare’ to raise up hand and ask questions in class, he/she can benefit to have someone who is going after him/her and checking if his/her understanding is solid and sound.

Tutor Qualification Primary
Diploma SGD 16-20
A-Level Graduate SGD 18-20
Undergraduate/NIE Trainee SGD 24-29
Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 25-30
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 35-50
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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