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Primary School Ranking in Singapore for 2012

The top Primary Schools in Singapore for 2012 can be ranked in many different ways, based on very different rating methods. Whereas Secondary Schools are ranked according to their PSLE score intake requirements, Primary Schools have yet to be officially ranked based on any standard scoring by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

It is feasible though, to make a list of the top 10 primary schools in Singapore based on the MOE awards that Primary Schools have been awarded.  Using this method we can compile a listing of Primary School performance over the past 5-6 years.

Primary School Ranking in Singapore for 2012

Primary School Ranking in Singapore for 2012

Raffles Girls Primary School ranks top in accolades doled out by the MOE, with Rulang Primary School and St. Hildas Primary School running a very close second and third, respectively. Ai Tong School comes in fourth, while Catholic High School rounds out the top five spots. Number

six is CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School, followed by Chongfu School in seventh place. Gongshang Primary School comes in a very close eight place when examining the MOE awards. Henry Park Primary School has the ninth place spot while Kong Hwa Primary School finishes up the top 10. It’s important to note that Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School and Maris Stella High School have also received the same number, and status, of awards so it could be safe to say that there is a three-way tie for the tenth spot.

Interestingly enough, there are very different ways of calculating the top 10 Primary Schools, which causes confusion and frustration when parents are trying to choose the top school to send their child to. If one were to instead look at the research released by Edupoll, you would see a very different top 10 list. They are listed in order here: Nanyang Primary School, Rosyth School, Henry Park Primary School, Tao Nan School, Raffles Girls’ Primary School, Anglo-Chinese School Primary & Junior School, Singapore Chines Girls’ School Primary, Methodist Girls’ School Primary, CHIJ St. Nicholas Primary, and St. Hildas Primary School.  This list was compiled based on prestige and demand. The quality of the family backgrounds attending each school is also taken into consideration.

The PSLE 2012 Results for Primary Schools weren’t released, in an effort to balance out the fierce competition between debators about which schools rank top. However, some data was gathered via available public forums and the following list was compiled by that research: Nanyang Primary School (285), St. Stephen Primary School (284), Rulang Primary School (283), Tao Nan Primary School (283), Catholic High Primary School (282), Nan Hua Primary School (281), Temasek Primary School (281), Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School (280), Raffles Girls Primary School (280).

It would seem that the list compiled by looking at the MOE awards given might be a more objective way of determining a Primary School’s worth. However, if prestige and networking are the priority, then the Edupoll top 10 may suit your needs better. Additionally, if the unofficial list of 2012 PSLE results above are accurate, then there are definite variations amongst the final top 10 no matter which list you use.

There is no arguing that the Raffles name is a leader in Primary and Secondary education. With the Raffles Leadership Centre, a parent can even begin to send their upper primary school age students to the centre for junior leadership training. This helps to begin a portfolio to aid the student with Direct School Admission needs later.

The curriculum is undoubtedly tougher at the top Primary Schools . It is expected to be tougher and more academically advanced. It bears mentioning that a parent who is truly looking out for their children’s best interest should keep this in mind if their child typically performs at an average grade level in school. Placing them in a top 10 school may not serve them well as they might feel overwhelmed. Therefore, your wonderfully good intention of providing your student with the best school could end up causing them undue stress and possibly insurmountable challenges. Whereas placing them in a top 20 school might stimulate their learning efforts in ways that would still be beneficial to their overall self-esteem and learning potential.

It has also been noted that many students who attend one of the top 10 Primary Schools are also enrolled in education enrichment programs like Mind Champs or The Learning Lab to stimulate and foster advanced education opportunities. While it is true that it can be expensive to enroll students in these top learning camps and labs, it is also a fact that exposing your student to the finest education opportunities is well worth it.

Competition can be intense in the Primary School registration process. Do your homework early, take into account your child’s strengths, and pick more than one preferred school, just in case your first choice doesn’t work out. (Read more about Top 3 Primary Schools)

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