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Do you still remember the moment when you first sent your child to kindergarten? Do you still remember the anxiety or anticipation in your mind, as your child began his or her first step in a long journey of education? Now your child may have been in a kindergarten for at least one year, and your sweet heart has probably become used to the routine of kindergarten life. He or she can always make your day by reading the time correctly from the clock or by pronouncing a word properly. As your child is steadily progressing in the learning process, have you wondered if the process can be enhanced with some external guidance? Do you want your child to cultivate good habits of learning and absorb faster? If your answer is yes, please read on to see what we have to offer.


Learning begins with wonder


First, we endeavor to cultivate the curiosity of learning in your child. We understand it is not appropriate to focus too much on grades, but a good habit of learning is essential for your child to secure admirable grades at later stages. Our belief is that all children are innately curious and they want to ask questions and learn more. If you feel that the kindergarten setting does not offer sufficient opportunities for asking questions because of the high teacher-to-students ratio, having a home tutor at home can be a perfect complement to your child’s education. Our home tutor will always be there to answer your child’s queries. Not only will the tutor be at the receiving end of questions, the tutor will actually prompt your child into thinking and guiding your child to discover and ask more questions. For example, our home tutor can ‘challenge’ your child with a few extension questions from what is given in class so as to prob your child into thinking further. This process of getting your child to think more and question more is beneficial, as that will stretch his or her mind at a young age and make him or her an active learner who will habitually think more than many of his or her peers.


Excellence is a habit


Besides arousing interest for knowledge, we also aim to cultivate good habits of learning in your child. It is one of the educational goals as outlined in the Kindergarten Education Framework of the Ministry of Education that the students should develop a set of good learning habits before they graduate from pre-schooling centers. The set of habits includes the ability to pay attention, the right way to sit and to hold a pen, etc. While the school is doing a good job in shaping such habits, we feel that there is a need for more early education intervention. Forming habits takes time. For adults, forming a particular habit requires 21 days of continuous practice, not to mention children who are much less disciplined and mature. Hence your child stands to benefit from more frequent shaping of habits not only in school, not also at home in the presence of a private tutor. One particular problem about young children is their lesser capability to concentrate, a problem that, if not fixed, will negatively influence a child’s learning capability when he or she moves on to primary school. And we observe that by letting a private tutor interact with your child, the process itself is a practice of his or her concentration, as your child has to continually reciprocate the prompts from the tutor.

Hence, hiring a private tutor will benefit your child as it provides an additional valuable opportunity to develop your child’s learning habits.


Learn more with more help


preschool tuition

preschool tuition

Lastly, though curiosity and habits are vital, we should not neglect the importance of ‘hard stuff’, the knowledge your child

learns in kindergarten. It is a common misconception that extra academic guidance is not necessary for children of such young age, because it is not meaningful to have tuition for such simple stuff. However, what we adults think is simple may not be simple in the eyes of children below ten. They have less developed cognitive ability, so the justification for having extra academic help for pre-school classes is as strong as that for having tuitions for higher level classes. Our tutor will follow closely the educational goals, such as numeracy skills and reading skills, in the ministry Framework and make sure each stage is completed properly at relevant ages. No more worry that the center your child is at may not adequately fulfill the educational goals, because now you have an extra helping hand for your child. Once our tutor sees an insufficiency in particular skills grasped by your child, he or she will take time to further develop that skill, either in the form of more explanation or more practices. Our tutor is also an excellent source of feedback, as he or she has personal interaction with your child. From the tutor, you will know accurately your child’s situations and progress, something the kindergarten teachers may not be able to do effectively as the teacher has no more than child to take care of.


It is okay if you have concerns and worries. We understand your feeling, as your child is still young and everything remains uncertain. But we can relieve your anxiety by providing quality home tuition services to your child, so that with an extra source of help, you may rest assured that your child is now being best taken care of in education.


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Tutor Qualification Pre-school
Diploma/A-Level Graduate SGD 15-18
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Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 23-25
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 35-45
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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