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Post Exam: What to do after that ?

Post-Exam – Review What You Really Missed

So you just finished your big exam and you’re ready to forget all about that horrible subject! That would be a huge mistake. What you really need to do right now, instead of partying like a rock star or celebrating that it’s finally all behind you, is take the time now to review what questions you missed on the exam and why you missed them.

There are two great reasons to examine your test results before you move onto the next chapter of your life, er, the next subject in your college curriculum. One is that you need to know that you’ve learned what you were supposed to learn in the course. After all, that’s why you took it – to learn the subject matter. Second is that learning where you missed the answers to a question will help you determine if you test poorly on certain types of test questions (multiple choice,

Post Exam: What to do after that ?

Post Exam: What to do after that ?

essay, true/false) so you can take the proper steps to correct any potential issues now before they threaten the entire success of your college GPA!

Let’s look at subject material for a moment. I could almost see your eyes rolling when you read the words “that’s why you took it – to learn the subject matter.” There’s a strong chance that the only reason you took any particular course in your college curriculum is because it was a required course to get your degree. But let’s be a little less transparent, shall we? If a course is listed in your degree’s curriculum, it is because there is a precedence showing that the course material adds value to your overall degree and therefore to any job you may hope to obtain in your chosen field after your college days are well behind you and a distant memory.

It’s easy to say that college is just a place to party and make friends, eat pizza, play darts, and have a great time. But if you’re thinking about your future earnings potential or about how you want to enjoy the job you hope to have some day; then you should be thinking about why your college believes that the course is important to someone who expects to hold a job in that field. So many people believe that they don’t use math after school, and they’re wrong. Yep, they are wrong. Math is in everything from figuring out sales tax to payroll to measuring for a job to statistics to company financial reports and so on. You get the point. It’s the same with English. There is a need for polished, professional prose in your back pocket. You want to be taken seriously in your employment endeavors, and quite frankly if you speak or write like a prison inmate, then that’s how you’ll be treated. It’s a cruel world, but these are the hard facts of life and you’re getting ready to go out there in the world and be a free agent trying to vie for jobs in an extremely competitive market!

The second reason why you want to take a look at what you really missed on your exams, especially early in your college days, is because it is imperative to know as early as possible if you stink at multiple choice questions. Or if essay questions really get your palms sweaty and your tongue tied, which then makes your brain fuzzy and you forget everything you knew. This is important information to have early so that you can attack the problem head on.

Chances are if you stink at multiple choice questions there are one of two possible things going

Post Exam: What to do after that ?

Post Exam: What to do after that ?

here – either you are low on self-confidence and therefore second guess yourself in a crunch or you just didn’t spend enough time studying to really be confident that you know the material. The best solution though is just to study diligently during the week leading up to final exams. Avoid other distractions like the plague. Once you know that you have spent adequate time studying the material – relax, take an hour or two and just do something that is mentally relaxing. Don’t stress. Absorb the information and allow it to become something you are very confident in your ability to retain and recall. Then, take the test and always trust your first answer. Go through each question one time, answer it thoughtfully, and move on. Don’t go back to any question that you answered. Your mind will try to play tricks on you and if you’ve studied, you need to just stick with your gut.

When reviewing your post-exam results, take into account how others did in the class. If the teacher graded on a bell curve, then you’ll know better where you stand as far as A) was the information presented in a thorough fashion or B) was this an advanced course that requires more self-dedication to learning on your own.

School is a time to learn and try new things. But if you hope to get the job of your dreams afterwards, then you need to focus on your studies, learn the material, and review what you missed afterwards so that you can move onto the next course and feel confident that you are ready to advance through your curriculum!

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