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Is it so hard to count the numbers?

If your child chooses the Principles of Accounting as a subject in school, he or she belongs to the select group of students who choose a specialized subject over a general one. Unlike subjects such as chemistry or history that are popular among secondary school students, Principles of Accounting has a much smaller intake. It is considered a ‘niche’ subject in Singapore’s educational institutions.


However, accountancy as a discipline or profession is actually highly sought after in Singapore. The so-called Big Four offer attractive salaries and job prospects to accountants or auditors. Accounting firms are also remarkably stable in the volatile financial environment, as accountants are needed in good times as well as bad times. Hence, if your child chooses to take the specialized subject early, he or she will enjoy a head start in the lucrative industry. Even your child has not decided to work in the industry, the training of character as a result of the detail oriented study also benefits your child’s personal development.


Concepts are the foundation

But all the above benefits can only be secured if your child does well in the Principle of Accounting. Accounting looks deceptively easy, as it is considered by many as an exercise of ‘filling in the blanks’ or ‘addition and subtraction’. However, the study of accounting actually starts with the understanding of concepts. In a sense, accounting is a concept-driven subject. What is the meaning of ‘assets’ and ‘liabilities’? What are the dual functions of the ‘cash book’? Accounting concepts are generally detached from real life experiences of secondary school students. Hence it is expected that they generally take longer time to digest. If your child has told you that he or she often finds accounting concepts confusing, it is time to hire a private POA tutor for your child. Our tutor can take time to explain the abstract concepts to your child. And the teaching of abstract knowledge requires repetition, which is only afforded by an exclusive setting of a home POA tuition. As the numbers in accounting only make sense with an understanding of the concepts they represent, we trust that your child will experience an improvement in academic performance once he or she grasps the basic foundation of the subject.


An eye for details

Knowing the concepts is just the very first step towards getting distinction in exams. A student needs to answer the question properly. It takes an eye for detail and an attentive mind to remain ‘cool’ in the maze of numbers. It is a common frustration among accounting students that they cannot fill in the balance sheet properly, or ‘the two sides don’t balance’. Moreover, students may not be able to figure out what goes wrong as a slight mistake in thinking can cost the whole calculation to go astray. While school teachers can definitely help in providing consultation, such opportunities are limited as one teacher has to attend to many students in a cohort. Hence it pays to have someone solely devoted to your child’s academic needs. Our home tutor can provide timely help to solve a particular problem or point out a tricky concept tested. Your child will no longer struggle in silent frustration. Instead, he or she will enjoy the achievement in solving a question correctly after mastering a difficult concept.


Practice makes perfect

Some teachers liken doing accounting as a mental drilling. It is true to say that those who excel in accounting know how to follow the rules. And rules can only be learnt through constant practices. A quiet environment at home is a perfect place for accounting training, which requires concentration of mind. Students will have much greater motivation of doing practices voluntarily if they know that someone will mark their papers and give them feedback to their problems. As a parent, you may have noticed whole stacks of past year papers left untouched by your child during the revision period. That happens because your child knows that it would not benefit him or her so much if no one marks the papers in the end. The presence of a home tutor reassures your child a quality learning experiences, as each paper will be marked and gone through together with the tutee. We believe that all students are inherently hard working, as long as they have the motivation to do so.


If your child does well and is interested in accounting, he or she can go for further certified courses. Your child can also choose to study the discipline in tertiary institutions, where he or she has an advantage over other students who study the subject for the first time. We want to help your child achieve more in life, as doing well in accounting gives benefits much more than a better grade. Sign up with us today and be ready to see your child excelling!


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