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Physics: beauty or pain?


Physics is highly regarded as the ‘king of all sciences’. It is the most beautiful, most elegant way of exploring the unknown world by the human race. Its highly abstract representation of nature is its most powerful tool to comprehend what is happening around us. Its perfect fusion of mathematics into its methodology makes it the most precise, exact and predictive science. The beauty of the discipline, however, can be the pain for some of its students. In junior college, most of the complaints from physics students center around its abstract nature and its extensive use of mathematics. Some students claim that physics can be much more fun if it is not so mathematical. But what is physics without maths, the ‘queen of all sciences’? Since the essence of the subject lies with its logical way of thinking and reasoning, we need to embrace its mathematical beauty to fully appreciate and benefit from the subject as physics students.


But we also understand that appreciation is easier said than done. A student needs to have a decent score in the subject for interest and motivation in learning to develop. If you have some difficulty learning physics but refuse to believe that the score on your exam paper reflects your maximum potential in learning, do read on to find out more how on to unleash your capability as a distinction-would-be student.


Difficulty is proportional to maturity

First, the learning curve becomes very steep when you enter junior college; and it’s supposed to be in that way. A JC student is more mature mentally speaking, and should be capable of processing more abstract knowledge. Physics is a great way to achieve that educational goal. The JC physics may have more and more ‘invisible’ stuff, things can exist but can never be touched or seen. Gravity is a good example, which can be easily confused with the concept of mass due to our imprecise colloquial language. And gravity between sun and earth as well as that between earth and moon can’t be illustrated with real life object by your teacher in the classroom. Hence JC physics becomes more ‘imaginative’ in the sense that students need to use a fair bit amount of imagination to process the knowledge taught. If you are a visual student who learns the best when seeing a picture, you may have legitimate grievances when having troubles with physics. However, the above problems can be overcome with the help of a patient tutor who gives personalized teaching that caters to your style of learning. The tutor can explain the concepts to you properly until you understand without the time constraints put on a busy school teacher. A jc physics tutor who has been through similar environment of learning and has not detached from it entirely can more effectively sympathize with the learning difficulty of the current students like you. The teacher can connect with you when you voice out certain confusion, as he/she may himself/herself experienced that before. Hence, taking up jc physics tuition will allow you to overcome those obstacles effectively.

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The modern physics: is it really that hard?

Another major barrier in learning is modern physics section in JC physics. You may be quite good at ‘classical physics’ that you have been learning since young. Basically you were operating under the newton system until you encountered modern physics where things that were considered correct might be proven wrong in a different paradigm of thinking (For a comparison between the two systems, please click here). Moreover, modern physics deals with concepts that are much more advanced than traditional physics. Quantum mechanics, relativity and more. They really stretch your limit of thinking. However, the good news is that the difficult facade of modern physics is just deceptive. In the JC curriculum, modern physics has been tailored more to give students exposure than real testing of mastery. Though the questions from that section tend to be long and numbers given tend to be complex, the solutions are actually quite standard: little more than application of formulae. Hence we believe that overcoming mental barriers is the most important tactic in boosting scores for modern physics. However, confidence does not just come by. Your school tutor may be too busy to devote exclusively to you. What your school teacher is not able to do, our private tutor takes the job. With step by step guidance in doing modern physics questions, we can reassure you that you will realize that modern physics is just a ‘paper tiger’. As with all other activities, confidence will come when you have done well in it. Our private physics tutor is prepared to boost your confidence!

 In the JC curriculum, modern physics has been tailored more to give students exposure than real testing of mastery.

And don’t forget the practices

Though physics is primarily about understanding, practice is also important. With the help of our tutor, you will go extra mile in completing more exam papers or exercise questions. Some questions in physics still need written explanation, though to a lesser extent as compared to secondary school physics. Hence it goes without saying that you will benefit from having more practices. It is a pity to lose marks because certain key words are missing from your answer scripts, isn’t it? With an extra eye to read through your answers, you will be more prepared for writing a perfect response to certain explanation problems.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Do you think physics is beautiful? We do. And we want you to see that too. Engage a private tutor now and be amazed at how fast you can improve and how beautiful the subject actually is!


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