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Among the three science subjects a secondary student may take, physics is usually the most complained one.

Physics Tuition

Physics Tuition

One direct consequence of the fear factor for physics is that physics students are the smallest cohort compared to chemistry and biology intake each year. To some students, physics is boring and hard to understand. It is even harder to

score despite hours of revision put in by the students. The students may come back with physics results disappointed, convinced that physics is not their cup of tea. While we understand the frustration of not doing well, we do not believe there is a category of students who are more suitable to learning physics than others. Especially at the secondary school level, physics learning is still focused on the basic laws and principles and the skills of thinking do not go beyond the capacity of a secondary school student. We believe that most students do not achieve satisfactory results in physics because they may not know the peculiar features of physics among science subjects and therefore have yet to master the ways to study it effectively.


  • The first thing to recognize about physics is that it is fundamentally a conceptual subject. Chemistry and biology are rather content-intensive and their theories are about the tangible aspects of objects or substances around us. But physics is often about some intangible property of matters, such as gravity, forces of attraction or speed of acceleration. The construction of physics theories is done entirely in abstract thinking, so the understanding of such theories involves ‘higher order thinking’, a key phrase that frequently appears in the marking schemes or syllabus of secondary physics education.If your child understands the critical nature of physics, he or she may stop rushing to memorize during revision. It is commonly observed that students who do not perform well in physics take it as a memorization subject. Understanding is the crux of learning physics. Your child should always start by clarifying concepts first. But it is easier said than done. Many students choose to passively memorize just because they can’t understand. And a vicious cycle sets in. While it is important that your child asks questions in school, it is highly desirable to have a home tutor who can solely devote to your child’s needs. Many concepts in physics are interlinked and a lack of understanding in one area usually leads to multiple questions in other related areas. Hence a home tutor is in the best position to spend an hour or two answering the whole chain of doubts raised by your child.

 As some abstract concepts need repeated explanation, having a private tutor may be the only means to achieve such an end.


  • The second problem that deters students of physics is its use of mathematics. As physics is a conceptual subject, its way of thinking is mathematics. The mathematics for secondary physics is rather basic, but sometimes it is not easy to think in terms of mathematics in solving problems. More importantly, the physics teachers in school do not focus on teaching of mathematics per se, and the mathematics teachers do not teach how to apply maths in physics at all. The gap in teaching in school makes it necessary to have a home tutor who can fulfill the two roles at the same time.We understand that being stuck at the mathematical problem in physics can be discouraging. Hence we provide your child with a private tutor. The tutor can provide immediate help within seconds and your child can learn how to solve a problem instantly. We wish your child to avoid accumulating problems and waiting for consulting time with teachers in school. A problem is best solved when it just arises and still stays fresh in mind. Moreover, if your child needs some fundamental training in mathematics, our tutor can also spend one or two session teaching your child basic mathematics so that mathematics will no longer be an obstacle in learning physics.

  our tutor can also spend one or two session teaching your child basic mathematics so that mathematics will no longer be an obstacle in learning physics.

  • Lastly verbal reasoning is as important in secondary school physics as mathematics. There is substantial portion of exam problems devoted to explanations of certain phenomenon by physics laws or principles. Those questions are always unpredictable and hence it is unwise to memorize standard answers in ten year series. What we suggest is to understand the concepts first, and then memorize templates of explanations. For example, the explanation of evaporation always starts from a micro-level of the activity of molecules and proceeds to macro-level of how variations of molecular activities lead to disappearing of water. Following the steps of explanations ensures that no key points are missed out.Our private tutors, who have gone through numerous exams, have a library of templates of explanations for different topics in physics. They can provide your child with the necessary structure in answers and check if important points are missing. For questions that involve detailed explanation, a key point may just carry half mark. And it is really common that a student loses marks not because he doesn’t understand, but because he doesn’t know the relevant points to be included. But this problem can be overcome by repeated practices and checks. While practices are limited to class tests and exams in school our home tutor can assign additional papers to your child, so as to reinforce the memory of the pitfalls in explanations. As a result, the practice is school may become an occasion for your child to excel because he or she has learnt and remembered the mistakes at home.

The variation of scores of physics students is the greatest among all science students in secondary school. This fact shows the critical importance of physics in determining the overall performance of your child and where he or she is standing in the cohort. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. If your child needs assistance in physics, sign up with us now! We will help your child make a difference!


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