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A New JC in Bishan area in 2017

Bishan is once again in the limelight as the area welcomes a new junior college in 2017. The new school will be open for students from 3 Integrated Programme (IP) and will sit right at the junction of Sin Ming Avenue and Marymount Road.

The plans to make the area a concentration for educational institution were already laid out in Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Draft Master Plan 2013 and its construction is said to help the location attract more developments.

The soon-to-open school is Singapore’s 20th school to offer a JC programme and IP students coming from Catholic High School, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls, School and Singapore Chinese Girl’s School are welcome to enrol. Admission will also extend to 100 students from other secondary schools who have finished their O levels.

The JC in Bishan will be the newest JC to open in Singapore since the construction of Innova JC in Woodlands last 2005. It will admit students who have finished 4 years in their respective schools and decide to take 2 years of study.

According to the MOE website, the new JC will first operate its interim campus at Institute of Technical Education College Central in Bishan before it will transfer to its new location at Sin Ming Avenue in 2018.

Further plans are still smoothed out regarding the operation of the new JC to those living in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio area along with Anderson JC and Raffles Institution.

The new JC, which is yet to be named, is indeed another institution to look forward to over the next few years.

All About JC

According to MOE, students who are academically inclined and have the necessary GCE ‘O’ level qualifications may apply for pre-university education at the junior colleges which offer a 2-year course. Singapore has a total of 19 junior colleges that is increasingly growing in number. If you are scouting for the best JC to enrol, then it’s worthwhile to compare the most popular ones in the country using the most reliable reference.

Here are the important facts you need to know about the junior colleges in Singapore that can be helpful in your admission.

1. The Top 10 Junior Colleges in Singapore

Learn (Learning Tips and Education News in Singapore) has released their 2013 rankings on the top junior colleges in Singapore. From among the 19 JC operating in the area, the top 10 performers based on average cut-off points on their list are:

1. Hwa Chong Institution

1. Raffles Institution

3. Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

3. Victoria JC

3. National JC

6 Anglo Chinese JC

7. Temasek JC

7. St. Josephs Institution

9. Anderson JC

9. Nanyang JC


Hwa Chong Institution tops the list with Raffles Institution to follow. They were also the same JCs to top last year. Anglo Chinese School which was at spot 4 last 2012 has outranked Victoria JC and National JC. Meanwhile, Innova JC and Yishun JC are yet to make it to the top, along with Pioneer JC and Jurong JC.

2. Percentage of Students to Enrol to JC

Based on the latest Singapore Statistics (PDF) released by www.singstat.gov.sg, Singapore is holding a total of 679,663 students in which 215,097 are admitted to secondary schools and 32,087 are enrolled to junior colleges. From 30,726 JC students last 2006, the number of enrolees grew by approximately 2,000 in 2012 as opposed to secondary school whose enrolment population dropped from 218,062 in 2007 to 202,520 in 2012.

3. Government Expenditure to Junior Colleges

Singapore government expenditure on education for junior colleges has reached 1,832,547 in 2006. It expands to 2,235,912 in 2009 and increases further to 2,702,501 in 2012.

The government also has set aside funds for the expense on education per student. Junior college students received an estimate of 11,094 in 2008. It lowered down to 10,772 on the following year but was able to recuperate to end at 12,782 in 2012.

4. Students and Teachers Number in Junior Colleges

There were a total of 19,831 students who got into junior colleges in 2012 while teacher’s population has stayed close to 1,835. This result showed a big difference from the university population of 75,665 and attending teachers of 5,107.

To add to the list of the junior colleges in Singapore will be the new JC building in Bishan to operate in 2017. It will soon accept students who want to enroll a 2 year course. Further details about this new junior college are yet to be released.

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