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Secondary Maths Tuition

Dear Parents,

Have you had this experience that teenage children are keeping mum about their academic challenge at secondary level Maths, until it is too late ?

Does that sound familiar? The more a parent offers to help a teenager on solving Maths challenges, using all the tactics and strategies he/she’s read from books and the counsel of friends, the harder it is –  nothing seems to work.

That’s right. Eric, father of Gabriel, a Secondary 3 boy, lamented that it’s like the more he wants to initiate a conversation on hiring a tutor for his son, the faster he runs away!

Secondary Maths Tuition

Secondary Maths Tuition

Gabriel was enrolled at a branded school, he calls it an “ultra-conservative” environment where results are the focus and

the school & their teachers hardly praise the students for their efforts. Gabriel has been failing Maths since early Secondary 3. To make matters worse, the school uses the students’ Maths results to rank & stream the students into respective classes. Due to his meager understanding in Secondary 3’s EMaths and his poor performance at AMaths, he was streamed into one of the bottom classes. This seriously undermined his self-confidence as a secondary student. While over-praising can be detrimental, under-praising can be unhealthy to a child’s emotional development, too.

Eric sought our help in matching a motivating Maths tutor for his son, Gabriel. Our tutor, Mrs Hou, an ex-MOE school teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience, took up the challenge in July 2012. She is well-liked by Gabriel as she always acknowledge his efforts in a positive way. This is to teach the teenager that the end result is not as important as enjoying the process. By October 2012, after 36 lessons, Gabriel passed both his EMaths & AMaths for the first time. He received an award for making the most significant improvement in the school year.

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Eric revealed that prior to seeking a home tutor’s help, Gabriel has been assessed as highly mathematics anxious. His psycho-therapist, has been working closely with Gabriel’s tutor, Mrs Hou, to help Gabriel “unlearn” previous ineffective habits & “relearn” & “reframe”.

Researchers have found a strong link between maths success and brain activity involved in controlling attention and negative emotional reactions. At the very mention of having to perform a maths problem, negative responses kick in & impair the focus & hence the ability to perform. Researchers at the University of Chicago discovered that for the maths-anxious students, they need to focus on controlling their emotions. This can be conditioned. The study concluded that without this initial step, the student will likely be distracted before an examination has commenced, and this will prove ineffective in producing success.

So, what is our value-add ?

We are proud & privileged to be the first of its kind to focus on the effective partnership between the student, teacher & parents that is essential in propelling each student to better learning success.

Our teachers’ network, including our collaboration with psychologists, psycho-therapists, cousellors, mentors & coaches, differentiates our services from our competitors.

Parents get a free consultation with our in-house child psychologist and/or psycho-therapist* who would answer your query on how to support your child’s challenges in school.

We offer the highest standard of personalized service to tutors selected to match the child’s unique personality & competency levels. Our pride is to give your children the confidence to face academic challenges with a positive outlook. Our tutors help build confident, creative students with character.

Engage a Tutor with us NOW!!! Our difference is hard to miss.

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Tutor Qualification Lower Secondary Upper Secondary
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A-level Graduate SGD 20-25 SGD 25-30
Undergraduate/NIE Trainee SGD 22-30 SGD 28-35
Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 27-35 SGD 32-40
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 40-60 SGD 45-80
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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