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Primary Maths Tuition

Listen carefully.  What’s a five-letter word that’s sure to strike fear in a parent’s heart and loathing in a primary one child’s mind ?

For most primary students, one of the biggest challenges of school is overcoming the much dreaded Maths subject. Just the thought of going through topics such as Areas & Perimeters, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages etc… is enough to make  nearly every child as young as 8-9 year olds cringe.

As a child starts Primary School, it is no longer enough to say that as long as they complete their school Maths homework, they are equipped with Maths skills.

Maths skills, like all skills, we need to teach them HOW TO THINK.

Primary School children face the following challenges in their Maths:

  • Lack of focus;
  • Insufficient exploration of maths questions presented at school;
  • Ignorance of questioning procedures when handling problem sums;
  • Difficulty in applying learnt concepts at problem sums;
  • Imbalanced thinking.

Lucas has been failing maths since Primary 1. Our tutors have helped him prevail over that challenge. The support and skills provided by our tutors at Frankl Tuition, have had a big impact on his life. He began to pass Mathematics at Primary 5. Since then, his confidence soared and went about his practice drills with cheerful disposition & positive outlook. He thrived on learning from the errors he made in front of his home tutor, Mr Guan, a tutor for 19 years.  Today, Lucas shared a passion in Maths as deep as Mr Guan’s. This year, at Primary 6, he’s able to tackle Maths Olympaid questions without betting an eyelid. His successes at Olympiad Competitions has helped him gain Direct School Admission to the school of his choice.

Start engaging a math tutor to enhance my child’s maths skill now!

This example reminds us that children are capable of great things, no matter what their age.

Primary Maths Tuition

Primary Maths Tuition

Mr Guan concludes that for Primary Maths topics, the weakest link of any student, lies in the skillsets. By Primary 4, the ability to analyse

& infer forms a critical skillset. Without such competencies, surmounting the challenges in Maths will be an uphill battle. By the time such gaps are not addressed before a child enters Primary 5, there will be a huge competency gaps which, when unaddressed, would be a detriment to the readiness for PSLE.

With the new found confidence, Lucas is more than ready to tackle all the arithmetic and mathematical challenges that awaits him in his next phase of academic journey. More often than not, your child’s achievements in primary school maths cements his attitude towards mathematics for the rest of his studying life.

FranklTuition provides math tutors who helps him to see results in his effort and improve his self-confidence towards maths by solving challenging problems one at at a time, cultivating the mentality in him that he ‘can do it.’ The earlier you start, the more it endows your child with an unfair advantage in the future. Eventually, he is ready to surmount PSLE maths and produce stellar results.

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