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A level Maths Tuition

Maybe you are thinking that once GCE O Levels are over, there is no need for Maths at the post-secondary levels.

Well… you are wrong.

Take a far-sighted view. The academic advantage on continuing to do well in Maths at the polytechnic or junior college level is evident. Later in life, it can help open doors to new career and other opportunities.

A recent Singapore research concluded that in general, tertiary and junior college student who do Mathematics have a positive attitude towards mathematics in that very few of them have mathematics anxiety and majority enjoy mathematics. It is generally believed that positive attitude towards mathematics will lead to greater effort and hence to higher achievement in mathematics- related career such as banking & finance.

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A level Maths Tuition

A level Maths Tuition

In Singapore, a student’s attitude towards mathematics is important in determining whether he or she elects to take

courses in mathematics, engage in mathematical activities, and perseveres in these efforts once he or she has begun. It is typically observed that some of the highly anxious, poor mathematics achievers since secondary schooldays, in their moments of frustration or resignation, will feel that taking mathematics is a waste of time.

In tertiary education, a student’s rationale for taking mathematics points to the ability to score well in mathematics relative to other subjects. This is reasonable as university maths tends to be far more conceptual and abstract whereas maths at polytechnics and at A level concentrate more on application of routines and procedures.

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Common pitfalls

For Math at A levels, a myriad of topics are being tested. Some of which have already been taught at the earlier stage of our academic journey including vectors, differentiation & Integration, Permutations & Combinations and Probability. However, there are new mathematical concepts that may be foreign such as complex numbers, statistics (Binomial, Poisson distribution & hypothesis testing) etc. Students have to grapple with many new theories, and at the same time, recollect their understanding of old principles. This usually gave rise to much confusion in the digestion of mathematical concepts in H2 maths.

The problem is further aggravated by the fast teaching pace in JC lessons due to the need to complete the compact syllabus in 2 years. Students who do not have a sound fundamentals of maths at the primary and secondary level usually find it an uphill task to succeed in JC maths.

So, here’s how our teachers for Poly-levels & JC-levels can help:

We have tutors who specialize in post-secondary Maths. They offer intensive remedial programs to bridge the learning gaps between post-secondary students and his/her mainstream peers. Their main goal is to enable the student to enter mainstream education, equipped with adequate skills, with greater confidence, self-esteem and academic competence.

When students are experiencing mathematical challenges at post-secondary levels, we encourage parents to pay attention to possible behavioural, developmental and psychological issues that could lead to learning differences. These issues could have been long-standing issues who go unnoticed during primary and/or secondary schools.

Our specialist tutoring is offered on a one-to-one basis tailored to the profile of the student and takes a problem-solving approach that targets individual needs.

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Tutor Qualification Junior College
A-level Graduate SGD 30-35
Undergraduate/NIE Trainee SGD 35-40
Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 38-45
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 55-100
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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