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‘ Maths Makes Me Mad!! ‘

But why do we still need to take this mind-boggling subject and suffer??

The importance of Mathematics in Singapore’s education system is intentional & evident. Over the years, Singapore’s achievement in Mathematics has become well-known internationally in the mathematics education community that has accorded even the admiration of world power , USA which models after our math curriculum.

Maths Tuition

Maths Tuition

Singapore has a centrally controlled education system, which the society has a whole recognizes that it is such high expectations of the education system and the diligent, efficient and goal-oriented climate of Singapore that has brought Singapore to its present position in the world economy despite being a tiny city-nation with limited natural resources.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that in Singapore’s education system, mathematical competence is basic and is the key foundation for science and technological education at higher levels. Elementary mathematics is a compulsory subject in primary & secondary levels. At the pre-tertiary & tertiary levels, Mathematics continue to be a popular & top-ranking chosen subject as students understand and appreciate its value in their subsequent university education or in their working environment.

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However, having said that, getting started and sustaining the interest level in Maths, can be daunting. How can parents and students overcome this dilemma: Love Maths versus Loathe Maths ?

  • Start Young When It Comes to Maths

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” When it comes to Maths, when your child does well & achieves high level of competency in Maths during primary school years, it’s more likely that such interest in Maths will be sustained throughout the secondary schools and beyond. Never under-estimate the success at Maths at a young age.

  • Positive Outlook

A parent’s positive outlook sets the stage for a better learning journey in Maths. Acknowledge that making mistakes is part of learning. Avoid getting stressed out when child is not getting it. Refrain from shouting or scolding your child when he/she does not understand Maths or cannot remember the steps you have just taught him/her.

Lets face it, not everyone can teach Maths. As a parent, it’s okay to outsource the teaching of Maths to a tutor. A parent’s positivity will rub off on the child. Refrain from conditioning your child that since you are lousy at Maths, he/she cannot do well in the subject. Your child will role-model after you and assume a defeatist mentality if you disparage your own ability as a parent on the challenging Maths subject.

  • Close the Back Door
Maths Tuition

Maths Tuition

The sweet success of aceing Maths comes with diligence, commitment and perseverance. In order to build up a child’s

tenacity in the face of challenging Maths, parents need to adopt a long-term view to guide him/her to the finish line.

Forget the option of downgrading to Foundation Maths at Primary 6 or dropping Amaths at Secondary 4, even if it’s heart-wrenching to see a child struggle with Maths or even failing it at school. Instead, continue to encourage  & acknowledge every progress made. Celebrate the process, not results.

Once parents set realistic expectations on their child’s achievement in Maths, each child will understand that it is not an option to fail, but simply to try his/her very best.

SO, why is your child still performing poorly at Maths, when you have done all of the above ?

Lets take a look at the framework of the 1990 curriculum which is still valid for the 2000 curriculum is portrayed in the pentagon shown in Figure 1:

Mathematics Curriculum Framework in Singapore

In Singapore, from an early young age, it is expected that all students should develop a sound understanding of the basic concepts and skills, which have to be internalized and consolidated through repetitive practices. Subject school-teachers generally cover many different problems and examples with a range of difficulty levels for each particular concept or procedure.

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As with all things in life, nothing’s perfect.

It comes as no surprise that the reality of the classroom situations in schools is less than perfect. Firstly, school-teachers face daily challenges with increasing large class sizes & class management issues.  Secondly, developing good understanding of concepts and procedures takes much curriculum time and yet still drill and practice is necessary for the procedures to be consolidated and internalised.

It is little wonder that students nowadays are facing difficulties with mathematics and the gaps in their competencies are widening as they progress from lower primary levels to high levels.


Parents have recognized that they need twin areas of supporting their children’s gaps in mathematics. They readily agree to school’s intensive remediation programs and hire home tutors to bridge the learning &/or competency gaps between the child and his/her peers.

We can help. We will help & we have helped.

Since 2009, we have successfully matched 1000 cases of tutors & students, staying genuinely committed to our mission – helping your child stay ahead and achieve beyond academic excellence in Mathematics.

Our network of tutors truly understands how boys and girls learn and excel differently. Our tutors are encouraged to engage in continual learning, and by doing so, empower them to take ownership of their professional growth, teaching methods as well as their personal well-being.

Most importantly, our tutors help progress each child through their unique learning styles and learning stages, at the child’s developmental pace. The child emerges with greater confidence, self-esteem and academic competence. Such a customized approach requires dedicated mathematics tutors who are themselves confident in their mathematics and have a passion for it besides being well grounded in pedagogy and new developments in mathematics education.

We are pleased and privileged to have parents’ testimonials on how our tutors & their stellar tutorship help steer their students towards, besides academic excellence:-

  • Becoming a person of value & character;
  • Discover their unique strengths & learning styles;
  • Learn smart & cut study time by up to 50%;
  • Boost memory retention by up to 30%;
  • Increase confidence and self-motivation.


Make a choice & give us a call NOW!!! Wherever your child is at his/her mathematics competency, we can deliver a tutor to help rekindle your child’s passion & motivation in mathematics.


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At the age of 7-12 years old, kids start to form attitudes and notions about concepts surrounding them, and it is most crucial to develop their liking towards maths by engaging an interesting tutor to conduct primary maths tuition.

Unlike all other subjects, in secondary school, there all 2 maths subjects tested in O levels! A maths and Emaths. Request for secondary maths tuition to secure your 2 A1 for O levels.

H2 maths can be a headache if you are not savvy in maths by now. Sign up for alevel maths tuition to ensure that you can catch up with peers and get into your ideal university.

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