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Junior college is the toughest period in a student’s academic life

As often commented by experienced JC teachers.

While it remains debatable whether ‘university would become a breeze’, such observation indeed points out the highly competitive environment of junior college. But the rewards of going through the tough two years are immense. If you are in any of the sixteen junior colleges in Singapore, you are on your way of getting into a good university either in Singapore or overseas. You will graduate with a university degree or even an advanced one and will have the key to open a variety of doors in your career exploration. It is not exaggerating that all these have to do with your choice of entering a junior college. You are at a critical juncture of your life where reality check becomes important. You must realize that your academic performance in junior college is no longer merely a set of exam scores that you will probably forget in a few weeks. Exams that you take in junior college will have significant impact in your life. The promotional exam determines if you will be promoted to the next year or be retained. The preliminary exam will be looked into by scholarship providers and overseas universities. And of course, the much dreaded A-levels will determine which tertiary institution you can go and which course you can take. Academic performance in junior college will influence where you are standing in the future.

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What makes a junior college education so competitive?

  • Firstly, only the top 25% of secondary school students in a cohort will get to enter JC. They together form a competitive pool of students who generally have the motivation and capability to do well.
  • Secondly, the A-levels in Singapore is known to be the toughest in the world, as Cambridge has tailored its exam papers to suit the competitive nature of Singapore education.
  • Lastly, a JC education has only two years, including the holidays. Within the short period of time, a student has to grasp many concepts from the four to five subjects he or she takes. Besides study, one has to complete a year long Project Work and engage in a variety of extra-curriculum activities. As can be seen, JC life is indeed among the most demanding of a student’s life.

But we are not encouraging you to take the above analysis as excuses for not doing well in study. It is understandable if one struggles, but it is also perfectly possible that one can excel given appropriate guidance. And that’s why we are here, Frankl Tuition, an agency that provides quality home tuition that complements your school education and helps you achieve good academic performance in junior college.

 Why Us ? 

  • When you sign up with Frankl Tuition, you will have access to tutors who have been through the tough exams and distinguished themselves with their outstanding academic results. They understand the intensity of the competition and will be able to sympathize with your situation. While your teachers are able to teach you content, your home tutors will be able to see from your perspectives, such as the transition in difficulty of content from secondary school and junior college. They are able to tailortheir teaching to your capability, while teaching you what you did not learn well in secondary schools, something the JC teachers may not do.
  • Moreover, we understand that time constraint may be a big problem faced by JC students. The campus is always full of activities, and they tend to take away a substantial portion of a student’s productive hours. The compulsory A-level subject Project Work also demands countless meetings and discussions. Such a situation makes it highly desirable to have someone who can always come to you and accompany you in your learning journey when you are available in the comfort of your house. Our home tutors are committed individuals who are punctual and gives you full attention when you are studying. The flexibility of time is valuable in the fast-paced junior college life and a few hours of individualized teaching may make a marked difference in your academic performance.
  • For science subjects such as mathematics, chemistry and physics, understanding is key. Confusion and problems may arise at any time, so you need someone who can clarify
    your  doubts at your most convenient time. For subjects such as general paper, history and biology, constant practice and some degree of memorization are necessary. A home tutor can provide you additional practice, besides the practices in schools in the form of tests and exams. You will get instant feedback from the practices at home, instead of waiting for weeks for the exam papers to be marked and given back. As said before, exams in junior college will have significant impact in your future development. Therefore, it may not be desirable if one takes school exams as practices, an attitude of many secondary school students. With frequent practices at home, school exams will be an occasion for you to show what you have learnt well and excel!

    JC tuition

    JC tuition

It is a good thing to be a JC student. It is an admirable thing to be a JC student with well-regarded results. We understand what it takes to be a JC student. Sign up with us now and we will help you thrive!

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