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The introduction of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program has been a relatively recent phenomenon in Singapore. While most of the students are still applying for universities using A-levels results, there is a substantial segment of JC students who are holding IB diploma that is considered a strong substitute to the conventional A-level certificate. In fact,  some overseas universities have expressed their marginal favor towards IB diploma in case of facing borderline candidates, because IB program provides a more holistic education than A-levels program, which focuses more on depth. Even for the Singapore Management University, the admission office offers opportunity for credit exemption for a candidate with strong IB results. The popularity and credential of the IB Program are evident.


If you are an IB student, you stand to benefit from those advantages. However, you have to do well in exams to take advantage of the program. If you would like to further improve your standing among your peers in school, please continue reading and find out, besides the standard academic help we provide, what are the other unique benefits an IB student stands to benefit from us?


Writing: part and parcel of life


IB tuition

IB tuition

Firstly, we understand that the IB program places a premium on language in general and writing in particular. Many compulsory core modules of the program, such as the Theory of Knowledge, requires extensive writing. Unlike A-levels,

one student cannot escape the writing part. In fact, the IB program is intentionally designed to be broad-based and the cultivation of writing skills is definitely one of the core areas of development. If writing and language is not your cup of tea, you may have to put in extra work in order to excel. While you are struggling with producing a 1000+ essay, have you ever thought about seeking external help? Instead of spending your whole night churning out an essay, have you considered discussing with someone else to speed up the writing process? Have you ever wondered if such personalized service ever exists? Then you’ve come to the right place. We offer you quality home tutors who excelled in the IB program when they were students and who are strong and experienced in writing essays or report. We understand sometimes even if you have decent grasp of the subject, it is still a challenge to piece everything you know together into a well-written report. Writing is a skill in itself, and with the opportunity to discuss your writing with an experienced tutor, we believe the process will be less tiring and more productive.

Research: creating something out of nothing


Secondly, we also know that the IB program requires students to carry out independent research. The intimidating Extended Essay, which is another compulsory section of the curriculum, requires a student to write a 4000 words research article on a topic of their choice. While it is a wonderful opportunity for learning, it presents challenges on several fronts. Initially you may experience the anxiety of finding a topic of research that is both manageable and creative. You may experience the frustration of having your proposed ideas rejected several times. That is a moment where you need a mentor to discuss about your idea, about its feasibility, originality and more. While you can discuss that with your teacher, having a private tutor will benefit you even more as your tutor is solely devoted to your research need and will help you think through, not just think about, your project. Once the topic has been settled, it’s time to delve into mountains of books and pages of online articles. It is usually a time-consuming process, which can be made more efficient if you have external help. Our private tutor, having been through the same process, knows how to do research more efficiently. You also do not have to fight for consultation time with your teacher, as you always have someone at your home to discuss with in great detail.


Presentation: how good you are depends on how well you present


Lastly, as an IB student, you cannot avoid doing presentation. No matter you enjoy it or not, presentation is about practice, practice and practice. Even some of the best public speakers, like Steve Job, emphasized the importance of preparation for presentation. As presentation is part of the continuous evaluation process, it becomes all the more important to you as a student. You have to take each one seriously and you may be under constant stress of preparation throughout the semester for different modules. Therefore, it helps to have a private tutor who knows your subject well to see through your preparation. While your school teacher can definitely give you feedback, but nothing beats personalized feedback over a sustained period of time. You can practice presentation with your tutor at home, you can ask your tutor to have a Q&A session with you to test your responsiveness. The benefits are myriad and it is up to your initiative with your tutor to take advantage of the process.


If you are an IB student, you are having a broad-based and rigorous education that will prepare you effectively for your university study and future career. But as you know, there are challenges in the journey. Sign up with us and together we turn the challenges into opportunities for your growth and development!


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