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How to motivate child to achieve better results?

Your son is brilliant, or at least you think so. Why then does he consistently bring home C’s, and even a D or two. You know he’s intelligent, sharp, and bright. So is it laziness or does he potentially have a learning problem? These are the questions and struggles that almost every parent finds themselves up against at one point or another in their child’s educational years.

You catch your daughter watching the science channel, completely engrossed in it actually. But when you walk in she hurriedly changes it over to the Disney channel, almost ashamed of her intelligence and of her penchant for knowledge. You look at her grades in the online portal and there it is – a C in science. It doesn’t make any sense at all. She obviously loves science, gravitates towards it even, but at school she isn’t performing. What is a parent supposed to do?

It doesn’t have to be such an uphill battle, raising kids is hard enough without struggling with schoolwork and arguing about grades constantly. Here are some very simple tactics to try that may help your star pupil turn the corner on his grades and achieve his full potential.

Structured study time after school

What? That’s right. This isn’t supposed to be viewed as discipline though. In order for it to work positively and produce the results you’re really looking for, you should sit down with your daughter and talk about your expectations that she achieves B’s, and the occasional A, rather than sitting at the low end of the grading scale with her C’s and D’s. You aren’t out to punish her, but it’s your job to help her succeed and to learn the rewards of a job well done. Therefore you’re going to work together towards a new standard that includes time for both play and schoolwork. Let her know that school is her primary job at this point in her life and in order to prepare her for the big world out there, you’re going to start by helping her manage her time more constructively and in a more balanced way! Ask her when she thinks would be the best time each day after school to spend 1 hour on schoolwork. Let her decide. She may choose to do it immediately after getting home so that she can then enjoy the rest of the evening. Or she may feel like she needs a little time to unwind and then, after some down time, will tackle her schoolwork for the allotted hour. Let the decision be up to her. Then help her stick with the agreed upon schedule. This will be the hardest part. Not nagging, but reminding her gently that she made a deal and you, quite simply, expect her to uphold her end of the bargain. Make one rule though – even if she doesn’t have homework, she spends 1 hour each day reading something.

Encourage reading

How to motivate child to achieve better results?

How to motivate child to achieve better results?

Which segues beautifully into the next tactic, encourage your son to read – everything and anything. It doesn’t matter as much what he reads as it does that he reads. Reading a wide variety of books and magazines will expand his vocabulary

and comprehension of new concepts. In the beginning of this tactic it is best to let him pick out books or magazines that interest him. Let him cultivate the love of reading first. Then, after a few books in his favorite category, ask him to read a relatively short book in a new genre. Tell him that there is a hidden lesson in the book that you want him to hone in on and you’ll discuss it later with him after he’s read the book. Motivation, productivity, entrepreneur-ship, and business books are great for easy reads, big letters, and ‘ten dollar’ words that will not only improve and expand his vocabulary, but will also empower him with totally new concepts to mold his mind into a man who isn’t afraid to think up new things, or for that matter isn’t afraid to try new things!

Talk and Listen

It’s important along the journey of raising your daughter to talk, but most importantly to listen. You can begin cultivating this skill at a very young age. Ask her a simple question – like ‘What did you do in the science class?’ Ask it every day. And listen to her response, encourage her to elaborate and tell you more. Here’s the best part, ask her to explain a concept or word to you. Talk about a huge confidence booster! Even if you already know what the word means *don’t correct her* ask her to explain what an amoeba is again, because it’s been a while since you were in science and you’ve forgotten. It doesn’t matter what the concept or word is, just ask her to explain it a little bit more to you. She’ll cultivate the ability to explain difficult concepts to others and she just may find that it’s the highlight of her day – getting to talk to an adult about science (her unprofessed true love). Then ask her if she knows of any jobs or professions that get to study ‘that’ on a daily basis (amoebas, for example). This gets her thinking about … wait for it … what she may want to do when she grows up. This is single-handedly the best motivator for getting your daughter to perform better at school, give her something to look forward to, to dream about.

There are other tactics and methods that you could explore for motivating your son: bribery, threats, discipline or punishment. But those are all short-term means to an end and will be teaching your young man how to manipulate others to get what he wants in a negative way, instead of cultivating a love for learning and providing an, albeit sneaky reason for him to want to learn and perform better at school. If none of these methods work, you may want to consider having him evaluated for a learning difficulty. If he has dyslexia, for example, early diagnosis can be a life-saver and get him the help he needs to get back on track again! Don’t give up, believe in your son and provide the tools he needs to succeed: structured time, exposure to words, and an opportunity to explore what it really is that motivates him.

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