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How to get my child to cooperate to tuition?

Not everything can be bought by money

Are you considering finding a tutor for your child? Are you afraid that your

How to get my child to cooperate to tuition?

How to get my child to cooperate to tuition?

child may not appreciate a private tuition despite your good intention? Given the growing tuition industry in Singapore, it is much easier to find a tutor than asking cooperation from your child for tuition. And cooperation from your child can’t be bought by money. It takes skills and patience from you as a parent to ‘strike a deal’ with your child for him/her to have a meaningful tuition experience.



It is often counterproductive to just apply for tuition without the consent of your child. However, that may be what is happening in some families in Singapore where parents may make decisions on behalf of children. Anxious to help their loved ones improve, parents may forget the need to seek consent from children before applying, thinking that having tuition is definitely for the good of children. “Tiger-mom” style of parenting may not work on all the children as good intentions do not necessarily lead to good results. If you can get your child to say “yes” to tuition, the whole learning experience will be much more positive and pleasant. But how do you get your child to agree?


Set expectations

First, you can set expectation with (not to) your child. If your child’s results are stagnating, you can talk to him/her patiently about the importance of improving scores now, not waiting until the national exams are coming. If your child doesn’t like the idea of tuition and you feel that your child needs extra help, you can set with your child a goal for the next major exams in school. You need your child to agree that if his/her scores are not improving then he or she will receive extra assistance in the form of tuition. Since you give your child an appropriate period to ‘prove himself/herself’, your child should be more willing to accept the idea of tuition if he/she realizes that he/she is not able to achieve the expected results without extra help. Your child may even start asking for tuition in the end!

Have a trial period

However, if your child still resists tuition after the first method has been tried, you may consider the second one: having a trial period for the tutor. Let your child know that ‘taste of pudding is in the eating’. He/she wouldn’t know if tuition is really a good idea without trying out first. Hence get your child to have a tutor for one month and then reach a final decision on whether you should continue with tuition. In the meantime, take time to find a good tutor who is experienced in giving tuition. Let the tutor know in advance the situation of your child, so that the tutor will be more aware of the sources of your child’s uncooperativeness, and will be prepared for dealing with such cases. It is good to let your child see the improvement in results, by comparing the test scores before tuition and after the trial period. If the improvement comes, your child will be more likely to say yes. Why wouldn’t he/she?

Tuition is not a punishment!

However, please do not give your child the impression that private tuition is a form a punishment for not performing well in school. Your child will definitely

How to get my child to cooperate to tuition?

How to get my child to cooperate to tuition?

react negatively by not paying attention during the tuition. The family relationship may also be strained if your child carries the negative feeling into other family matters. Frame the tuition positively. Introduce it as an opportunity to your child to improve further. And you as a parent should communicate your faith in your child. Say out that you believe in him/her and you are willing to work with him/her through the tuition period. Your constant encouragement will help create a positive mentality in your child.

It takes the whole family to raise a child. Dedicate your concern and care to your child and your child will feel it. Your child naturally wants to improve and get recognition. Communicate patiently with your child and your child will respond. It takes time and love.




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