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How to get a private tutor for my child ?

Are you planning to get your child a tutor? Are you wondering how to get the most suitable tutor for your child?

Or are you confused about the massive amount of tuition information that constantly bombards you as a parent? We understand your situation, as the competition in the education system puts higher demand on students. You want to share the burden of your child, but you may not be able to help directly. You are therefore considering providing indirect help, by finding someone who is able to teach your child after school. As a result, you invite a private tutor to your house. That’s called home tuition, a popular method of tuition in Singapore.

Have you considered all the channels?

There are actually three channels by which you can find private tuition service for your child: referral, newspaper and internet. Each channel leads to two outcomes: a private tutor who is running his/her own business or a tuition agency that manages a database of tutors who sign up with the agency. It is advisable to know the nature of different channels before you commit to a tuition service. It ultimately benefits your child and makes the best use of your money if you find the most suitable tuition service.

Referral: one thing leads to another

The first method that you can consider is referral. Perhaps your relative is hiring a tutor for his/her child, or your child’s existing tutor has a recommendation of his/her contact who is good at teaching another subject. One thing leads to another. You may ask for the contact information of the tutor if the tutor is running his/her own tuition business. If you are referred to a tuition agency, just give it a call to ask for relevant services. Referral is probably the most reliable method of finding tuition. Your relative or existing tutor, in the examples above, are people who are emotionally invested in their relationship with you. Hence they have your child’s best interest in mind. They are essentially carrying out a screening process after which only suitable tutors or tuition agencies are recommended.

However, when you have the opportunity of getting a referral, it still makes sense to do things carefully. When your relative or friend recommends a tutor, you may want to know whether the strength of the tutor recommended deals with the exact weakness of your child. Moreover, tuition agencies may specialize in different levels of education, as they tend to have more information on tutors from certain levels. It is advisable to find out if they are stronger with connecting relevant tutors who teach students at your child’s grades to your child.


While you are flipping through the newspaper

Some tutors or tuition agencies advertise their services in the newspapers. You may glance over their advertisements when browsing through any of the major newspapers in Singapore. You may also find them in the Classfied section where most of the ads are assembled. The information you find in a newspaper is likely to be reliable, as print media puts higher check on accountability and authenticity. Moreover, since the advertisers have to pay to promote themselves, you are much less likely to encounter a fraudulent tutor or tuition agency. Hence, you are guaranteed that contacts advertised on newspapers are at least trustworthy.

But newspapers may be an inefficient way to look for a tutor or a tuition agency. The amount of information contained in a newspaper is limited and not updated. It may take diligent reading of newspapers for extended period of time to really find a suitable tutor or a qualified agency (and perhaps it spoils the fun of reading news as well). Moreover, as the advertisers pay a fee to the newspapers, they are likely charging a higher premium to cover the cost. That is especially true if the advertisers are individual tutors whose scale of business is small and who have to absorb the high advertising fee by themselves.

The power of the Internet

If traditional media is not perfect, how about the Internet? Just key in words like ‘tuition’ in the search engine and you will find a long list of tuition agencies or private tutors. Internet gives you instant access to vast amount of information. Testimonials, samples of work and pictures all inform you about the type and quality of service of a tutor or a tuition agency. Some website also have the online chatting service where your inquiry can be instantly addressed. Opening multiple windows enables you to do a quick comparison of options available. With the power of the Internet, you are spoiled for choices!

However, the Internet can be a double edge sword. Because the barrier to advertising on the Internet is low with minimum amount of cost for some servers, you may have to be more alert for less qualified tuition services. You can scan through their websites to see if the layout and content are professional and are constantly updated. And always give them a call before deciding instead of relying on fantastic testimonials that go through little reliability check. Lastly you can request for a phone interview with the tutor you may hire, as voices may show something about a person that words can’t communicate.

At the end of the day, we would like to stress that studying effectively in school is essential. Tuition should play a complementary, though sometimes important, role. But it can never replace the hard work in school. After all, school is supposed to be where your child’s study starts and ends.

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