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Free Online Math Resources

Free Online Math Resources

Free Online Math Resources

Your child needs help with math. It’s been years since you’ve been in school and while you can help in the earliest years with ease, once it gets to the more advanced components, or possible geometry or algebra, your own eyes glaze over and you need help.

You don’t want to give your young’un bad advice and you don’t want to appear unintelligent to your child. Then there’s this nagging feeling that you want to help your child to help themselves. Give them tools to find the answers and the knowledge themselves without actually just giving them the answers or doing the work for them. Thankfully for you there are several online math sites that offer math games and math trials and math exercises to give you student practice, knowledge, and learning opportunities that they won’t turn their nose up to. Let’s explore.


IXL is a robust math site that many math teachers highly recommend for applicable education and training as well as for practice prior to a test or quiz. The site teaches math in a fun and engaging environment and offers reporting for the parent or the teacher so you can track your student’s progress from pre-k math all the way through secondary school. IXL is a proven ally in an online math game / program. There are over 250 algebra equations for the upper grades, too. Geography training is also available on IXL, with currently 150 or more skills available to learn. The site will be adding Algebra II and Trigonometry soon, to make it useful for high school and junior college students, as well.


Hooda Math

Hooda Math has comprehensive games, apps, movies and more to entertain your child while they learn math skills. There are math worksheets and Hooda offers iPod, iPad and even Android integration. You can find dozens of math games here to teach your student mathematical principles. The site contains categories of math games, for those who need a little extra help in a certain area such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, integers, algebra, and more. Hooda even contains games about physics and building, for the budding architect in your household. Geometry, racing, and block removal games also help to enhance the overall math learning experience in a way that is entertaining and resourceful. The site promotes the buddy system to encourage comprehension and student engagement. A little healthy competition anyone?

Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games is another site that is promoted by schools as teacher and student friendly. Games can be played on iPads, Androids, even Kindles. Cool Math Games offers games to teach strategy, skill, numbers, shapes, and more. There are other educational subjects as well, such as reading and spelling, science, and geography. But don’t forget arithmetic, pre-algebra, and algebra, all of which can be found on Cool Math Games website. One cool aspect about Cool Math Games is the inclusion of jigsaw puzzles. The site has a plethora of games and puzzles and continues to add new ones, especially themed games and puzzles for upcoming holidays, in an ever present desire to keep math fun and engaging.


Cool Math 4 Kids

Cool Math 4 Kids is an associated site of Cool Math Games mentioned above. But the icons and graphics on this site are geared more for the younger crowd. With bright colors and animated fun, your young student will ask you when they can go on the computer and learn some more math again. Basic math skills such as addition and subtraction are available on Cool Math 4 Kids. Additionally, students can get practice with long division and multiplication tables. There are many games available and more games are added regularly. Cool Math 4 Kids is specifically designed with kids in mind and focuses the games in a way that is proven to enhance their young minds’ ability to learn and retain information in a way that is both meaningful and useful.

When it comes to learning math online, there are many more sites out there than just the ones mentioned above. But these sites are proven leaders and are recommended by many teachers and schools over and over again. Some schools heavily incorporate one or more of these sites into their curriculum for homework assignments, make-up exams, or pre-quiz study. Other schools or teachers only refer to a list of them as helpful sites to assist with any potential tutoring needs.

As a parent, becoming acquainted with the online resources that are available to assist you with helping your student excel in all areas, but specifically in math, is crucial to their future development and future success in school. Mathematics and Science are the two most valuable courses in school as we dive deeper and deeper into the technology era where new discoveries are waiting to be invented and deployed to the world.

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