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What would you do
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for your business?

You probably already know that cash flow is the life blood of your business. You also know that it is often more of a sputtering drain than a steady stream. With the recurring late payments and long waiting time of payment terms, many companies are forced to slow their growth simply because they lack the cash inflows necessary to support the cost outflows.

As a result, most businesses turn to banks and take on multi-year term loans with high interest rates because that's the most available solution out there. What they don't realise is they are paying unnecessary yearly interests to address short-term problems.

It doesn't have to be like this. What if you can:

Obtain FREE financing

Free up cash locked-up in invoices

Use freshly released capital to take your business to the next level

It's possible. For this is the whole purpose of FINAQE: to provide you with the knowledge and strategies that ensure financial shrewdness, so your business is ever-ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Revealing the strategies that have helped hundreds of companies more than double their profit margins:

Trade Financing

Eligibility Requirement: Company needs to be at least 3 years established with more than 1 million turnover

In other words, you are free to take on any big project with no worries of overstretching your finances again

Invoice Financing

Eligibility Requirement: Company needs to be at least 1 year established and have 6 months of trading history

Don't take our word for it. Hear from business owners who have benefitted:

Despite our rapid growth over the years, our existing banks did not understand in depth our rapid changed business models, nor did they understand our growing working capital needs. Our facilities were also secured by various assets. As such, the extent to which we could utilise the existing cash flow was very limited.

FINAQE did a thorough review of our existing credit facilities and managed to get various financial institutions to take over the same assets and double our credit facilities which include unsecured lines. This was done within a short span of two months.

As a result of FINAQE’s knowledge and understanding of the financial market, we were able to generate additional working capital which we can now use to take on new business opportunities and operations.

Cliff Tong

Finance Director
Opulent Techno Pte Ltd

Lenny and FINAQE have provided me with great insights on the type of financing our company needs.

Previously, we were clueless about taking loans or what facilities were suitable for us but Lenny identified the needs we have immediately and for our future growth. He meticulously explained to us about the different features on how it benefits us and how it was different from the usual term loan.

2 years on, our company achieved our growth partly because of him and his planning.

We are very pleased with his service and highly recommend him to anyone looking for business financing.

Lim Shi Min

Crowd Pte Ltd

Are You...

  • Facing cash flow issues caused by late payment?
  • Missing out on growth opportunities due to lack of financing?
  • Facing difficulty in obtaining bank financing? Unsure of how you are assessed and the reasons for rejection?
  • Unsure of the latest financial product offerings in the market place and what you are eligible for?
  • Hoping that someone could just offer you the most suitable financing solution(s) at every stage of your business development?

While majority continue to unknowingly choose unsuitable financial options for their business —resulting in higher financing costs and reduced operating profits...

You can be part of a growing group of savvy business owners who are taking the right steps now raking in tons and tons of profits and achieving your business goals faster than anticipated.

Our Process

Complimentary Cash Flow Advancement Strategy session to improve your credit score and optimise financial status

Receive best financing options that are available based on our recommendation

Access the capital you need in as little as 48 hours with all paperwork handled for you

Who Are We

FINAQE Group is a Singapore-based, independent funding intermediary dedicated to helping businesses grow strategically through a comprehensive suite of financing solutions.

FINAQE’s industry expertise and resources have successfully helped businesses navigate the complex financial market. Companies in need of growth and working capital, but have no access to funding options, can look to FINAQE for the provision of financing solutions of up to USD$1billion.

Janus Lim

Adam Wong

Lenny Lim

Kenny Chan

More than

Million Financed

More than

Companies Funded

Our Expertise

Invoice Financing









And many more...

Invoice Financing










I don’t have time to go through the application process

What is the difference between engaging FINAQE and approaching the banks directly?

We don’t need financing now. We are cash rich.

We are working with bankers already, why should we work with FINAQE then?

We had bad experience working with brokers. What makes FINAQE different?

It's easy to see just how powerful having an abundance of cash flow is, is it not? Stay ahead of the curve and take your business* to the next level. Fill in the form for a non-obligatory and complimentary strategy session and see how you can multiply your business profits now.

*Business needs to be at least 1 year in incorporation to be eligible

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