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Secondary English Tuition

My child’s made it to secondary school! But what’s next?

Now that your child has successfully made it to secondary school (‘gracefully’ or not), what’s next? For many students, scoring decently in primary school is no mean feat, especially in English since most of the responses only require one to rely on one’s instincts. When it comes to secondary school English, where the recent change in the syllabus has made the learning curve for many steeper, how does one adapt to those changes? But before we go there, let’s examine what have the changes been like.

From 2013 onwards, students’ assessment on their language ability will be in practical contexts. Instead of reading out a fictional narrative piece, for example, they will be reading out a speech or a news story – very much like how they will apply their oratorical skills learnt when they are in the work force. Also, instead of just filling out a multiple-choice questionnaire in listening comprehension tests, they will be taking notes while listening to the passage. In addition, instead of merely filling in blanks in cloze passages, they will be editing a text for grammatical errors – a more useful and practical application of the grammar rules they should have mastered in primary school.

Areas of assessment that are deemed as less practical are done away with, such as the picture discussion – a staple in the oral assessment, where is it very unlikely that those skills will actually be useful.

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That’s quite a fair bit of changes, how are english educators like us coping with it?

Despite those changes in the modes of assessment, the fundamentals are hardly changed since the language, despite its inconsistencies, is not altered in the process of assessment – with changes or not. Hence, it would not be imprudent to thus assume that the same grammar rules will still apply, and that as long as a child has a strong grasp of English as a language, your child will still do well.

Having said that, when it comes to being strategic during exam preparation and day-to-day activities in class, of course we should expect some changes in the way schools and their teachers carry out the lessons. While much of the fundamentals still remain, certain skills require more polishing for most students as they are used to, for example, relying only on their gut feeling instead of knowing for sure, the correct usage of a word. Most students are also trained to focus on only getting the answers right instead of spotting their own errors since they have, arguably, left it to their teachers, or their parents, or their tuition teachers all their lives.

Fine then, so do you think we should engage in English tuition?

Secondary English Tuition

Secondary English Tuition

If you have the confidence that your child can perform well, or beyond and above your expectations, you do not have

to! We trust that most parents know their children well. However, that confidence should only be built on knowing that your child’s foundation, perhaps established during primary school, is strong. That confidence should not be built on the A or A* your child received for PSLE, or even the As or Bs she has been receiving in school. Grades are good indicators, but hardly comprehensive in telling us how strong your child’s foundations are in English. Then again, even if your child has always done well for school exams, we would still think that engaging in tuition does not always have to be for the scramble for grades. English is a language that an individual can constantly improve on.

Being able to speak and write well is commonplace these days, even among native Chinese or Indians given that they understand that English is a universal language which they need to master in order to pursue, to the best of their ability, their ambitions. However, being able to speak and write sophisticatedly is still rare, despite the brimming amount of graduates these days and that level of sophistication can only be achieved if the child grew up, with a mindset that the limits to English is boundless, and that he/she can constantly improve.

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The essay component in English papers still hold a great percentage in terms of marks contributed to the final grade simply because examiners and teachers recognize that it is through that open-endedness of the assessment can we differentiate the good from the best.

Right, you have me bowled over but why one-to-one tuition?

The rhetoric that Singapore is the land of the kiasu with the mad grab for grades and paper qualifications is, sometimes, powerful. However, it is one trend we do not always have to participate in. While having a one-to-one tutor makes it seem as though your household is one that is only concerned about the grades, the 2hour sessions can be one where the sharper knife (the tutor) sharpens your child’s knife with that level of intensity your child deserves but will not receive in a classroom. The best speakers and writers out there are the best because they have learnt to develop their own voices, and most of them could not have achieved what they have achieved or are achieving because without their mentor. Your child’s mentor could very well be his/her tutor!

Yes, grades are important. That much we agree, but it does not have to drive your every decision. If your child, while having one-to-one tuition can give you the peace of mind that his/her grades will not slip, and at the same time, provide that platform for him/her to develop his/her own voice after mastering the basics, we think it is a investment with definite returns in the future!


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