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An A grade for GP is not as elusive as you think..

The Myths

In Singapore, many students have expressed their fears for General Paper (GP), and some even go to the extent of avoiding Pre-University (Pre-U) education just so that they will not have to face that fearful subject. Many students also perceive GP to be a subject that adds little value to their Pre-U education. The truth is, the A grade for GP is actually not as elusive as many think! The A grade for GP, despite coming from a H1 subject, also weighs heavily, arguably on equal grounds as the other H2 subjects, in the decision making calculus of the Universities! This is because mastering GP means you will be able to ‘plough’ through and comprehend the numerous amounts of readings you have to process within a short amount of time in university and that you have learnt to be more persuasive regardless of your audience!

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GP tuition singapore

GP tuition singapore

The Truth
Unlike most other A Levels subjects, GP is not a content-based paper. Let’s face it, even if you use the syllabus as a guide (which can be found on the SEAB website), you will find that almost

every single thing (and I’m not exaggerating here) can be tested on! How then, do you do well? Do you try and force fit content and then regurgitate it during the exam? To be painfully honest, unless you can predict one of the twelve possible topics that may come out, and then further spot the exact area of focus, chances are, pure memorization will not get you as far as you hope.

GP is a skills-based paper, where even if you are a walking encyclopedia and/or someone who scored an A1 during your O Levels for English, you may not do as well as you hope. Facts and your language proficiency cannot get you as far as they did in your previous national exams and I will tell you why.

There are two parts to this Paper: the essay component and the comprehension segment. In your essay, contrary to popular belief, your goal is not to spill facts nor litter your essay with excessively long words. Instead, your goal is to establish your stand on whichever controversial topic you choose, and then, consistently show me throughout your essay that your stand stands by 1) giving me reasons why you stand stands, and 2) showing me why the counter-reasons are not relevant or not strong enough to weaken your reasons.

As for the comprehension segment, your goal here is to show me that you can understand ideas or arguments. You have to prove to me that in 90minutes, you can 1) understand a relatively long and difficult passage(s), 2) answer questions posed regarding the passage, 3) summarize certain key points and 4) formulate valid views on the topic with regard to your society.

(While I’ve mentioned earlier that English proficiency can only get you somewhere, you do need to have a decent grasp of English to persuade or to comprehend!)

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Straightforward, but difficult; difficult, but simple!
All these sound simple to achieve at this point, only if you have someone who can be regularly present to show you where you should improve on and how. Whether it’s regarding your persuasive skills, comprehension skills, or basic grammar mistakes that needs to be rectified, you cannot improve on your own.

Of course, some choose to trust that their teachers can attend to their needs. However, it does not take a rocket scientist to know that teachers these days are overloaded with other administrative responsibilities as well. Your frustration is especially heightened when the exams are nearing and your teachers are not able to attend to all of your peers’ and your needs. While you understand that this is not your teachers’ fault, how then can you find help? Through home tuition!

It is only by receiving help from a home tutor can you make the best out of your tuition sessions to receive that personalized feedback and attention to detail from your constant practice, which you will not receive in a group setting. When it comes to writing essays and understanding a passage, it is unfortunate but inevitable that a general comment given in class is inadequate in helping a student develop their own writing styles, or improve on their comprehension ability since every student’s development pace is different.

Skills cannot be mastered overnight. Students falter in GP because they start mastering the skill and English language, too late. And when they decide to start, they do not receive enough attention and personalized feedback. Hence, whether it is 1, 2 or 3 years, having a home tutor makes sure your improvement is constant, and thus, will nail that eventual A for you!

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