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Do you know English is the sole medium of instruction in

ALL schools in Singapore

  • whether it is primary or secondary schools, junior college or universities. An adequate understanding of English language is therefore essential in aiding you to acquire knowledge about any other subjects such as maths and sciences including physics and chemistry.  It is a requirement for education, in other words.
  • Bilingualism is highly advocated by the top leaders in our country, which is essentially being acquainted with our mother tongue .i.e. Chinese, Malay, Tamil etc as well as our primary language of English, a crucial aspect of our educational system
  • Many subjects including literature and economics involve extensive writing in their assessment. Examiners look for a decent proficiency in the English language in their marking. Hence, English helps in scoring excellent grades for subjects other than English.

Embark on English Tuition now to excel in my overall studies !

Academic achievements aside, why should you seek to improve on your English?

english tuition

english tuition

Student A never enjoyed his English lessons in school taught by teachers as he finds the rules of grammar and sentence

structure agonizing and boring. He dreaded it totally. He commonly speaks mandarin at home and within his social circle, while mixing a dose of English from time to time to express himself adequately. This gave rise to a unique language that is prevalent in our local context- Singlish which is understood by everyone and considered a norm in Singapore.

He continues to communicate using Singlish throughout the whole of his academic life till he graduates. He found out that as soon as he steps into the working world that things are no longer the same. His french boss do not understand a single word he is uttering, neither does his china and Indian co-workers. He has a problem conversing and connecting with his international colleagues. His presentation at work fell flat and his confidence took a great toll. Even though he is equipped with the essential knowledge, he failed to solicit business for his company. His career went on a downward spiral and he has to work doubly hard to prove himself as a capable worker, while toiling along with thousand others in the corporate ladder.

After comprehensive reflection, he finally decided to nip the problem in the bud and work on his weaknesses. Over a month of intensive English tuition, he was taught and bestowed with the power of speaking great proper English, beginning with the basics. Although not a native speaker, his improved English capability has got him noticed in his office and he now stands a chance of progressing further in his career.

The question is , why wait till the problem arises before we start searching urgently for a resolution ? As parents, we can begin providing the best for our children in preparation for their work life, junior college life or secondary school life by giving them English tuition.

Start English Tuition Now to usher in  a bright future!

The good news is that you have arrived at the right place.

Having English Tuition with us allows students to develop the habit of speaking and writing proper English. The laws of grammar are imparted so as to endow students with effective speaking and writing skills. The wonders of English are being unveiled in the lessons to allow students to find the interest in learning about this very subject.  Mastering English is not difficult after all.

  • Request for your preferred gender, qualifications and age group of English tutor amongst our extensive pool of highly qualified tutors.(Certification provided on request)
  •  We have tutors around the island including Bukit Gombak, Jurong, Toa Payoh, Bishan, Orchard and many others.
  • More than 500 experienced Home tutors who teach with passion and enthusiasm to prepare your child for tests and exams in schools.
  •  All levels of students are accepted.

You many call or sms us at 9890 3415 to find out more about our private tuition services any time or email to info@frankltuition.sg to get more information. Consultation is free.  View our terms and rates. Fill in our request form to REGISTER NOW!

Tips on how to improve your English

  • Speak the language often
  • Immerse in an English environment by listening to English radio stations, music and TV series.
  • Read stories book aloud to practice on pronunciation and articulation.
  • Read novels to acquire new descriptive vocabulary and improve on writing

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If you are a JC student , find out more about our tuition for general paper on how to write logically and persuasively, in order to convince your teachers and secure stellar grades for your GP studies.

If you are a secondary school student, comprehensions and compositions are your major focus. Learn to read between the lines and concoct compelling stories with amazing descriptions in our secondary English tuition to ace your exams.

If your kid is attending primary school or preschool, basic oral and written skills are developed over time by having grammar rules instilled at a young age to build up a solid foundation. She/he will then acquire the essential skills to do well in PSLE. Your child will thank you for sending him/her to an Primary English tuition early for them to do well in life.

If you are a tutor with passion in teaching, you are wanted! Fill in the registration form and we will phone you for selection and assignments. We accept female, male, fulltime and partime tutors.

Tutor Qualification Primary Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Junior College
Diploma SGD 16-20 SGD 18-20 SGD 25-30 NA
A-level Graduate SGD 18-20 SGD 20-25 SGD 25-30 SGD 30-35
Undergraduate/NIE Trainee SGD 18-22 SGD 24-29 SGD 28-35 SGD 35-40
Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 24-30 SGD 22-35 SGD 28-40 SGD 35-45
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 35-50 SGD 40-60 SGD 45-80 SGD 55-100
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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