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This is not what I expect…

university economics tuition

university economics tuition

If you enter the exam halls for economics in university, you will see students are no longer frantically writing on a stack

of foolscap papers. Instead, they look deep in thought and often stop to think through a problem. Foolscap pad has been replaced by one piece of draft paper. A new tool, calculator, appears on the student’s table. All these indicate a distinct shift in the teaching of economics at university.

Students who have done well in A-level economics may apply for economics major in university, hoping that the momentum of learning will keep them doing well. But many will discover later, much to their surprise, that economics at university is not what they expect. It has become very mathematical, full of calculations and proving. It is no longer a favorite subject for humanity students. In fact, we have seen cases of economics students switching courses every year to other arts departments. While some necessary homework must be done before application to avoid such confusion, we do believe that mathematics should not be a factor that intimidates students from pursuing this fascinating discipline further.

So how to overcome the math fear? We need to be clear about one thing at first: economics, however mathematical it can be, is not equivalent to mathematics as a subject. The rigor of math is much less than that in a pure math major. If you want to succeed in economics at university level, it is good to have a systematic review of the calculus that you have learnt in the A-levels. The requirement of calculus for economics seldom goes beyond the A-levels in terms of the formulae that one uses. Statistics is also important, especially when one takes econometrics that is based on statistical tools such as regression and correlation. The good thing about the math courses for economics at university is that they assume little background knowledge from students, so those who did not do well for A-level mathematics can definitely start afresh. Therefore if you are fearful of mathematics, turn over a new leaf and learn mathematics in university as if you are learning it for the first time!

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It is a common misconception that economics is only about mathematics. Indeed, mathematics gives economics the rigor that makes it a useful science, but economics cannot be simply reduced to a set of formulae and symbols. University economics offers a wide spectrum of courses. Some courses, such as The History of Economic Thought or Energy Economics, do not involve extensive application of calculations. They may be more similar to the A-level economics that centers on deductive thinking and writing. While honing your math skills, don’t forget that some courses still require reading and writing, skills that you learnt in junior college.

As you can see, university economics demands higher caliber from students who are skilled in both humanity and mathematics. While the dual nature of economics certainly makes it intellectually stimulating, it does pose challenges to students.

  • In the setting of university, students attend lecture with hundreds of students and the distance in space discourages asking and answering questions. The precious tutorial time is often one hour per week, which may be insufficient for individualized attention. Professors may not be as approachable as junior college teachers, as they have duties besides teaching: research, attending conferences and writing books. Extra-curriculum activities, attachment and internship often occupy the mind of students who only panic before exams at the confusing concepts and unsolved problems. But last minute preparation is usually ineffective. What is more serious may be the accumulated nature of GPA, so a student is under pressure to do well for each exam throughout the four year.
  • The competitive environment of university makes it desirable to have someone who can help you at your convenience, someone who will accompany you through your learning journey the whole semester. A home tutor can fit perfectly into the role. You may be busy in school for activities or you may not even go to school because you are on attachment. But don’t worry. The home tutor can come to you when you are available and when you are most ready to learn and ask questions.
  • If you are worried about mathematics, a home tuition will be most appropriate. When students are stuck with a math problem and do not get immediate help, the accumulation of unsolved problems will not be good for the students’ morale and will further weaken their interest in economics. Most of the professors have been detached from the A-level education for years. Though they can help students do calculation, they may not sympathize with the students who see a big jump in learning curve when they come to university. But a home tutor can see where you are coming from, because they understand the difference in math teaching for A-levels and university.

We understand your difficulties, because we have been through them before. We are ready to help and share. Sign up with us now and discover how economics can be made easy and interesting!

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