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Is JC Economics too much writing and too little fun ?

JC economics tuition

JC economics tuition

Economics is one of the most popular subjects among junior college students. It lays a foundation for university economics that leads to a variety of promising careers. It is also a unique “hybrid discipline” that can serve as a

contrasting subject for both science and humanity students. Therefore, the demand for learning economics is high, but the supply of places for distinction students in the A-level examinations is relatively low. If you have attended the Economics 101, you should know what would follow. Yes, a high demand and a low supply lead to a high distinction cut-off point. Because of its popularity, economics has become one of the most competitive subjects in the A-levels.

Are you worried about memorizing the thick stacks of notes full of confusing concepts?

Are you complaining that time is always not enough during exams? Have you wondered about the mysterious “answering techniques” that you school tutors have been teaching but that you never seem to grasp?

Fret not! We completely understand your concerns and we want to reassure you that you are not alone in fighting those problems. They are common obstacles faced by junior college economics students. But those obstacles are not insurmountable. In fact, experiences have shown us that they can be effectively overcome if students know the right way to study economics.

Here are a few tips that students who have done well in economics use when studying the subject.

  • Firstly, always clarify and understand the concepts. Many students take economics as a “memorizing subject”, hoping that they can score well by regurgitating what they memorize during exams. For example, economics has many concepts that deal with causes and effects. A rise in price of bread will cause a fall in quantity demanded; a fall in demand for bread will cause a fall, not a rise, in the price of bread. When we reverse the cause and effect, the situation will change and the same concept will be applied differently.
  • Secondly, plan your essays before you write them. A good planning determines the structure and logical flow of your essays. You should think of all the possible points at the planning stage, so that when writing the content, you won’t spend a minute on coming out a new point that may break your train of thought.
  • Lastly, “evaluation”, a word that often appears in the marking scheme, is a key technique used in both source-based questions and essays. Evaluation is essentially about criticizing the existing argument, either because it fails to take into account some important aspects, or it is not applicable in a particular situation. Many students who have done well in exams have actually prepared some evaluation points for some arguments or government policies that are likely to come out during exams, so that you will not think about their evaluation on the spot.

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There is only so much that we can share with you on the website because we have limited space, just like your teacher who has limited time with you in school. While you are definitely encouraged to approach your teacher for help, the constraint of time and space may limit the effectiveness. So that is why we are here, Frankltuition, an agency that provides quality home tuition services.

  • We understand that there are many nitty-gritty parts in economics concepts that need constant clarification, and a home tutor is in the best position to solely devote to your needs. A home tutor can guide you step by step figuring out the causes and effects and the relationship between concepts, so that what seems to be a mess of ideas will become a clear web of concepts.
  • Moreover, economics in junior college involves extensive writing, and a school teacher cannot possibly read through and comment on all the answers written by a student. A home tutor can compensate the insufficiency in attention. He/she can take time to read through your essays and note down comments, which will be discussed with you during meetings. As the tutor will be attached to you, he/she will see through your progress and tailor the teaching to your pace.
  • Lastly, you will definitely benefit from more frequent practices. While the opportunities for practice writing may be limited to exams and class tests in school, a home tutor can provide you additional practices according to your needs. If practice makes perfect, this maxim applies perfectly in economics learning. After you have done sufficient practices, you will realize that some concepts become easier for you to remember, some answering techniques become your “second nature” and economics is after all not that hard. All these enhance the effectiveness of learning.

We have tutors who have themselves gone through the A-level system and understand the common pitfalls and problems of economics students. They know what it takes to do well for economics, for they have achieved stellar grades for the subject in the A-levels. They are willing to share their experiences and tips. Sign up now to enjoy learning economics at home!


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