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If you reflect on the amount of information you receive in a day, you will realize, perhaps surprisingly, that most of them have to do with economics.

economics tuition

economics tuition

When you flip through the newspapers or turn on your television, you will be bombarded by news talking about the property prices of a region or the budget deficit of a government. You have probably become familiar with a few

well-reported figures in the media, such as Alan Greenspan, the former President of the Federal Reserve, and their powerful sway in the running of an economy. Indeed, economics is a powerful subject that has been applied in many aspects of our lives.

If you have chosen to study economics either in junior college or in university, congratulations! You have made your first step towards an intellectually stimulating subject and a rewarding career. In the Graduate Employment Survey of the universities in Singapore, economics graduates have been ranked among the highest starting pay every year. Economics is also a versatile subject that leads one to a variety of careers, such as banking, consulting, government work and many others.

Why are economics graduates highly sought-after in the job market? It has to do with the nature of the subject.

  • Economics as a science gives one excellent training of mind. Many concepts, as simple as opportunity cost, are tools many business executives use when they make sound decisions.
  • The learning of mathematics in the course gives one advantage when heading into finance market where sensitivity to numbers is valued.
  • Studying economics will also help one understand and analyze social issues, such as trade relations or property market regulation and the ability to deal with such topics will put one in good positions for government-related work.

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Due to the importance of economics in society, it has become one of the most popular subjects either in educational institutions. Popularity drives up competition. The distinction score for A-level economics has been among the highest. The economics department is always among the largest in tertiary institutions, with many talented students motivated to do well. Even though economics may lead to a promising career, one has to do well in order to take advantage of it. It is therefore highly desirable to have home tuition for economics that complements what you learn in class.

  • A personal tutor will give you full attention. Whatever that you do not understand in class will be explained in details by your home tutor who is not in a hurry and is always ready to teach. If you are worried about lack of sufficient practices, a home tutor will bring in extra materials from textbooks or even his/her own collection of resources. With someone helping and guiding you by your side, you will stand a greater chance to excel in the competitive environment.
  • As you continue to read the subject, however, you may realize that it can be quite different from what you get from newspapers or TV. The economics in school is not always about money, companies or other so-called “fun bits” of the subject. It can get theoretical and dry at times. We understand that economics is a rather abstract subject. It has many models, graphs and equations that need conceptual thinking, and it is not an easy thing to do. Hence it makes sense to have a home tutor who can explain the concepts for you. Some concepts in economics are tricky and complicated, and it may take much time or even repeated explanations for one to grasp an idea. Having sufficient discussion with someone is the best way for abstract learning, because some confusing concepts that may take hours for a student to mull over, may take only a few minutes for a tutor to clarify.

You have made a good choice by studying economics. We will make your choice even better by making you an economics student with excellent results. Sign up with Frankl Tuition and be prepared to see a difference in your score!


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economics tuition

economics tuition

If you are learning economics in junior college, you will have to write many essays and do case studies. “Exam

techniques” are often emphasized, and many students struggle with that elusive set of skills. Our stand is that one cannot learn exam techniques unless he/she tries to apply them in practices. So a home tutor can accompany you during practices and immediately points out where an answering skill can be better applied in certain occasions. With personal interaction with a home tutor, one can gradually become an expert of exam techniques, even without the student realizing that. If you are learning economics in university, mathematics will be your best friend. If you are a student weak in mathematics, our home tutor can take time to revise basic mathematics first before you attempt the problems. You will have greater sense of achievement, instead of being hampered by mathematics. Even if you have decent grasp of mathematics, our home tutor can also give you more questions to solve. A problem with university economics education may be an insufficiency of practices given by lecturers. The tutorial for each topic may be just one sheet of paper. You home tutor can find other sources of questions from which you will stand to benefit.

Tutor Qualification Secondary Junior College
A-Level Graduate SGD 25-30 SGD 30-35
Undergraduate/NIE Trainee SGD 28-35 SGD 35-40
Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 32-40 SGD 38-45
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 45-80 SGD 55-100
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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