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Ecareer.sg – what is it and how it helps?

Career preparation: it’s never too early

“I don’t know what to do!” This is a common complaint that we hear among graduates in Singapore. Though Singapore has one of the best education

Ecareer.sg – what is it and how it helps ?

Ecareer.sg – what is it and how it helps ?

systems in the world, it still has much to do in preparing individual students for their careers. Having a strong workforce does not mean individuals in the workforce will feel happy about their jobs. Having a high average income does not mean people will get something other than money out of their work. To produce a generation of Singaporeans who know what to do for their future, career preparation should start from young—probably as young as primary school. The eCareer portal is an accomplished initiative that draws on the power of technology to prepare primary and secondary school students for their future careers.

One-stop for everything

The eCareer portal is one-stop station where assessments of students’ career skills and interests are available. Students will be put into an interactive setting and answer a series of personal questions that pertain to their personalities, preferences, skills and interests. Most questions are multiple choice questions, with various options of indicators of preferences ranging from “passionate” to “neutral” and to “strongly dislike”. The flexibility of multiple choices more accurately captures a student’s state of mind than simple yes-and-no questions. Moreover, there are various assessments catering to different aspects of career preparation. The Global Personal Inventory primarily evaluates a student’s personality, such as whether the student is an introvert or an extravert. The Work Skills evaluates a student’s strengths and talents in relation to possible jobs where the students are likely to excel. For primary and secondary school students whose self-awareness has just started to develop, such assessments will be particularly intriguing to them as if they are seeing themselves in a mirror with an image that may be different from what they expect. It is the process of self-realization and adjustment that leads to maturity.

Plenty of resource in your hand

Moreover, besides knowing oneself, students will receive different assistance from the portal. Perhaps the most subtle but effective preparation comes when a student is going through the assessment itself. When a student is having a skill-based assessment, he will know the necessary qualities, such as punctuality or discipline, that are necessary for career success. Simply reading the question “On a scale of 1 to 10, how persistent are you when you are tackling a difficult problem” will subtly send the message that perseverance is important for career success. Moreover, there are many reading materials explaining different industries and what people are doing in different sectors. They are valuable introduction to the unfamiliar world of working adults. Lastly, parents and teachers are also encouraged to participate. They are given a comprehensive guidebook to help them participate in the program. They are able to view the results of assessments and are advised to remind the students to take the test on a regular yearly basis to track the development. The test results are windows into a child’s mind that even a parent may not be fully aware of. Hence making eCareer a family resource contributes to better understanding of children by the parents and meaningful dialogue between the two parties.

This is not horoscopes

However, caution must be taken in how a student sees the results. There is a general tendency among students to take such results as some horoscopes interpretations. They may not have the maturity to use such results in a meaningful way. For example, a student is likely to take the result of him as an introvert negatively than if he is perceived as an extrovert. This has to do with many myths surrounding personalities, such as the erroneous understanding that the extroverts are better and more successful people than the introverts. In fact, scientific research has shown that personalities are all value-neutral. A person can succeed with any kind of personality given the right circumstance. Hence the focus is really to understand and accept oneself and try to look for careers in which one is more likely to succeed. Moreover, since the tests are taken during the formative years of children, their personality and preferences are constantly evolving. Hence it is important that parents let their children have a flexible view of the results and regularly re-take the tests to see their development.

“Know yourself,” this is the message of the Oracle of Delphi to the great philosopher Socrates. It is important that one knows himself, especially when it comes to career issues where the cost of making a wrong career decision can be very high. It is beneficial to children if they start to assess themselves since they are young, so they will be more confident and informed when making one of the most important decisions in their lives: who should I do after I graduate.

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