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Comparison of Top 3 Secondary Schools in Singapore

Comparison of Top 3 Secondary Schools in Singapore

Comparison of Top 3 Secondary Schools in Singapore

Secondary school education is critical to a student’s upward mobility in their desired career path. While it might seem too early to know exactly what career a student who is about to leave primary school and enter secondary school would

end up having, it is not too early to define one of two distinct paths for your youngster. Secondary school selection is essential because it is here that academic streams are driven down either the JC education or the polytechnics career pathways. It is in secondary school that the path to either long-term goal is begun. Here we look at the top 3 secondary schools in Singapore according to prestige. While it is true that the MOE has not officially ranked secondary schools as they have done with primary schools, there are still many ways for parents to measure one school against another.

Nanyang Girls’ High School

Nanyang Girls’ High School consistently ranks as the number one secondary school in the nation. With a PSLE cut-off of 265, the school prides itself on taking only the most elite academic students into its program. They have raised their intake score up from 262 in 2012. Nanyang Girls’ High School is a leader in providing rich and diverse academic opportunities for its students. From overseas trips to other Asian countries and even the United States to academic attachments and robust mentorship programs, the school takes the art of academics seriously. Their approach to teaching is not imparted to the students as a results oriented education, but rather to instill a love of learning by ensuring the teaching is engaging and interesting as well as applicable to today’s culture. Nanyang Girls’ High School offers a robust list of programs such as an internal Gifted Education Program, Bicultural, Humanities, Higher Music, Global Classroom, and an Art Elective Program. They also introduced a Science and Math Talent Program to encourage math and science students to excel in these gifted programs. The Internal, or School-Based, Gifted Education (SBGE) program is fed from the GEP from primary schools.

Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)

At Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls School the PSLE intake cutoff is 263, up from 261 in 2012. Graduates of Raffles consistently dispel the rumors that the school is just full of elitist snobs. A rumor that has apparently spawned out of sheer jealousy because of its high PSLE intake requirement. Nonetheless, the school is renowned by its students for a robust academic organization that also offers many co-curricular activities to choose. Whether you prefer to stay strictly with academic endeavors such as math and science clubs or you want to explore sailing, there are curriculums at Raffles to assist your student with achieving their dreams and goals while still maintaining and enjoying a rich and diverse program with which to express themselves. Founded in 1823, it is undisputedly the oldest school for pre-tertiary learning in Singapore. The school offers the six-year Integrated Program (IP) and was the first school to receive the the MOE’s School Excellence Award. Pioneering the way Raffles was also the first school to enroll girls, in 1844. Both Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls’ Schools are quality organizations known throughout the globe for a commitment to academics and excellence.

Hwa Chong Institution

Hwa Chong Institution is the next school in the top 3 (technically the top 4, because of the two Raffles schools above), with a required PSLE intake of 261, up from their 258 requirement in 2012. Hwa Chong Institution offers students an opportunity to segue right into university life after secondary school because the 72 acre campus includes Hwa Chong Institution; Hwa Chong International School, a boarding school; and a campus of SIM University. With a student to teacher ratio of 13 to 1, this school is a leading feeder of Oxford and Cambridge from outside the UK. Hwa Chong Institute is renowned for champion sports teams and cutting edge research and leadership development programs alike. Originally founded in 1919, the school is now the result of a merger in 2005 between The Chinese High School and Hwa Chong Junior College. Currently the secondary program is still a boys-only organization while the junior college remains co-ed. Hwa Chong Institute offers many of the same specialized programs as Raffles Institution does above. However, their IP program offers a unique and unparalleled one week sabbatical every term where students are encouraged to explore personal interests instead of focusing on academic studies. Sabbaticals are a privilege and not a right though and demerits can earn a student a corrective work order during their sabbatical. Therefore, this structure encourages students to always behave in a manner of excellence to be rewarded with the freedom that a routine sabbatical week can bring them.

These 3 secondary schools shortlisted out of the top 25 secondary schools in Singapore are certainly the cream of the crop and thus will serve your child well in their future endeavors. Every parent wants the best opportunities in life for their children, and pursuing a secondary education at one of these fine institutions will afford your child the best that life has to offer them as they enter their young adult years and prepare to take the world by storm.

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