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Secondary Chinese Tuition

Do you know that most kids don’t see

the importance of chinese at all!?

Xin Yi is a Singaporean Chinese student who grew up in a predominantly English speaking environment like most of her peers. She is in secondary 2 and is taking Express Chinese for her mother tongue subject. She has no problem acing all her other academic subjects including English, Physics and Mathematics but barely scrapes through her chinese exams with mediocre grades. She does not comprehend why she needs to take Chinese as one of her core subject and regards it as a drag in her pursuit for academic excellence. It is nothing but a smirch on her report card.

secondary chinese tuition

secondary chinese tuition

On the other hand, Xin Yi’s mother is very concerned. She is worried that Xinyi will lose her identity as a Chinese and

forget her roots and heritage when she grows up. This is inspite of the fact that her grandmother immigrated to Singapore from China decades ago and do not know how to speak english. This brought about a communication barrier between Xin Yi and her grandma. Xin Yi’s dad works in an MNC which requires him to fly often, especially to China, the largest growing market and he frequently has to interact with his chinese clients.

Both of them realized that being proficient in Mandarin will not only be tremendously helpful for Xinyi’s future career, but also empowers her to stay grounded in her identity as a Singaporean Chinese. They encourage Xin Yi to take her chinese learning in school as seriously as possible.

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Xin Yi understands her parents’ intention but she is facing a uphill battle in rekindling her interest for this subject as well as doing well in it.   In Singapore, more than 70% of local are Chinese. In the education system, most student chooses Chinese as mother tongue language for their secondary school studies. In order to suit different learning capability, MOE has came out with 5 different streams for secondary student taking O levels Chinese. There are Elementary Chinese, Chinese B, Normal Academic Chinese, Express Chinese and Higher Level Chinese, with increasing difficulty level. Each level of Chinese is composed of different skill sets with higher chinese focusing mostly on the toughest aspect of writing.

Students who are not able to cope with their current level of chinese are made to downgrade to a lower level which is lighter in their curriculum. From the scenario above, we understand that Xin Yi is at risk of having to give up Express Chinese. Therefore, she needs additional help in catching up her chinese standards. A private tutor is necessary to make it possible to accelerate her development.

By engaging a Chinese tutor,

  • Your speaking skills will be improved through one-to-one conversation with the tutor. Tutor can immediately correct your pronunciation, give suggestions of proper words to be used, as well as the proper sentences used for different scenarios.
  • You are able to clarify with tutor on specific words which you are not clear of and having the tutor to explain to you clearly.
  • Our tutor will reinforce the teachings taught in school in a more digestible manner and teach you how to pick up reading skill efficiently.
  • Learn essay writing with powerful and impactful vocabulary introduced into the writings.

On top of that, our Chinese tutor will share their tips on handling exam based on their experience. Scoring well isn’t merely about working hard but also a matter of employing the correct method/technique. Chinese tuition not only serve as additional help in scoring for exams but also motivates the student by arousing their interest in Chinese language & culture, as well as setting up a goal for their Chinese studies.

Eventually, Xin Yi’s grades was salvaged by studying with the right tutor and she managed to pass her O Levels Chinese with flying colors. With her all-rounded grades, she is able to secure a scholarship which covers for her entire polytechnic school fees and we are so happy for her.

Take action for your kid now! We are parents too and we are going to give the best to them.

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Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 27-35 SGD 32-40
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*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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