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Is your kid able to write at least 1000 chinese characters by now if he is going to sit for PSLE Chinese ?

Below are the goals presented by MOE for Primary school students learning chinese at various levels .

MOE emphasizes that it is important to build the foundation of primary school students in Chinese language. However, results have shown that too many Singaporeans chose to spend more time and effort on other academic subjects such as Maths and Science as opposed to Chinese. Most Chinese students are not able to accomplish the goals set by MOE and are below par in their chinese standards.

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Chinese is tough

Admittedly, Chinese language is one of the toughest language in the world to pick up. Learners of chinese have complained about the complexity of chinese characters and the difficulty in memorizing how to write a chinese word. On top of that, a word can have 4 different sounds that translate to 4 different meanings,


leading to much confusion among learners. Statistics show that it requires about 7 years of full-time studies of Chinese language for an average student to be proficient in this language whereas other languages only need half the duration. Familiarization with at least 2500 to 3000 chinese characters is necessary for a student to have fundamental communication skills and capability in reading news.

Problems in learning

However, our children are experiencing a series of obstacles in learning their Chinese language.


  • First, they don’t have a formal channel to speak Chinese in school. Unless they are studying in a Chinese school, they have little opportunity to communicate in Mandarin. With a class of more than 25 students, our children barely get to speak to their chinese teachers during Chinese lessons.
  • Although more than 70% of Singaporeans are Chinese, the daily Mandarin conversation with fellow students is usually a mix of Mandarin, Singlish and dialect. These are ‘convenient’ manner of speaking which will not be helpful when children are sitting for chinese oral exams, or even when communicating with foreigners in their future career. Habits of speaking improper chinese cements over time and becomes deeply rooted. However, a qualified chinese tutor helps in reversing this bad habit by inculcating new positive habit of speaking proper standard chinese through effective chinese tuition.
  • Lastly, with the revolution of technology, children these days have meager opportunities in practicing their Chinese. Youngsters commonly communicate via SMS, facebook and emails in English. In Singapore, we receive official letter or notices in English. Children are exposed to English in great lengths but none of them picks up a chinese newspaper to read it.  This phenomenon results in deterioration of the Mandarin reading skills of our younger generation. Lastly, our children will not be interested in learning Chinese without a true understanding of Chinese culture which can be propagated via chinese tuition.

Why us? 

Having identified the serious problems imminent, we at FranklTuition seek to provide quality private chinese tuition.

primary chinese tuition

primary chinese tuition

We provide a pool of qualified chinese
tutors determined to help your kids overcome obstacles hindering their progress in mandarin language. With proper assistance and supervision, students will be able to equip themselves with a solid chinese foundation to nail the PSLE chinese ultimately. They will not only meet the goals passed down by MOE, but they soar beyond expectations and master chinese characters by the thousands!


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Tutor Qualification Primary
Diploma SGD 16-20
A-Level Graduate SGD 18-20
Undergraduate/NIE Trainee SGD 24-29
Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 25-30
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 35-50
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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