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Pre-school Chinese Tuition

Do you know that language skills develop most rapidly in the

preschool age of 3-6 years old?

At the age of 3-6, it is scientifically proven that the frontal lobe of the brain develop significantly, allowing our children to learn quickly.

As such, the early childhood or pre-school stage is an irreplaceable and important learning period in life that has huge impact on the future of our child. Preschoolers are an immensely inquisitive and impressionable lot, who are naturally curious in everything they do. Therefore, it is easy for educators at this stage to instill interest in chinese language through preschool chinese tuition by incorporating interactive materials. Perceptions and assumptions begin to form at this age and the experience they undergo usually determines whether they are going to love or loathe chinese forever.

chinese preschool

chinese preschool

At this stage, children begin to utilize language to communicate, develop their interpersonal skills, understand  others, judge social situations and even organize their own thoughts. Therefore, picking up a language at this point serves not only to hone their linguistic ability but also to fire up their mental faculty and situation awareness.

As part of the early childhood development, childhood language skills including speaking, listening, reading & writing, is developed throughout various interactions & activities in daily life.

The objective of childhood language learning is to get children familiarized with the language and develop the brain activity. Eventually, children will be equipped with a required standard of language skill and proceed to the formal education stream. However, the pre-school language learning method should not be the same as that of primary school. Below are some critical differences of pre-school compared to primary school language learning:

  1. In pre-school stage, kids should receive more personal attention and guidance, rather than be taught in a social setting which may result in uncomfortable feelings.
  2. The language skill developed will be focused primarily on speaking & listening but at the same time, children are introduced to all-rounded language skills (speaking, listening, reading & writing)
  3. The skill is subtly developed through daily interactions with children during preschool while we focus more on competitive outcome (eg. Exercise & school exam) in primary school

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In Singapore, pre-school education is already a typical stream where the parents will send the kids to kindergarden at the age of 3. There are more than 500 nurseries and preschools in Singapore which is run by private, community, religious, social or business organizations. These preschools generally provide a three-year early childhood education programme – nursery, kindergarten 1 and kindergarten 2 – for children between the ages of three and six. Since it is not part of government education system, the programme offered varies in many ways. Furthermore, with the class learning system, the programme will not be customized or might not be suitable to our children as the learning progress of individual is different in the pre-school age.

chinese preschool

chinese preschool

Furthermore, most of the nurseries or pre-school providers in Singapore only conduct lessons in English in order to prep children for the primary school education environment.

The learning of chinese language is almost always neglected at this phase and results in children missing the precious preschool learning curve. It is also one of major root causes of the  lack in interest of learning chinese at later stage of their education journey.

We, as a professional home tuition provider with only qualified tutors who are well-trained and specialized in 1-to-1 teaching. Your kid’s chinese language skill will be developed natively throughout the interactions & activity suggested with chinese language medium:

  1. Daily conversation: interact by asking question about daily topic which your kid is interested. Speaking & listening skill will be enhanced simultaneously through the conversation.
  2. Reading book: story telling to your kid followed by question and answer section.
  3. Writing: Simple chinese character recognition & writing.
  4. Games & Artwork: With the integration of suitable games & artwork, Chinese language skill will be developed.

Start your kid’s chinese learning early for his future before he starts lamenting about his lack of interest at later part of life. It will be irreversible by then.

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